What to pack for a couple's vacation to a cold weather climate.

It's winter, you're heading to a mountain resort, cabin on a frozen lake, an igloo up north, planning to camp or glamp, or pretend to be a pioneer because you love the winter. Or maybe you lost a coin toss with your cold-weather-loving partner while thinking of sunnier places ... Cheer up. You're going to have a great time. We can help.

Remember, this is a couple's retreat and it's smack dab in the middle of the winter and even though it's going to be cold, you're still excited to get away with your better half, right? Stop packing the kids' jeans and coats; they're staying with the grandparents. You're ready for a romantic getaway, but you need to bring the right clothes.

Here's what to pack for your cold weather get-away.

  • 1. Don't forget those winter coats.

    Sure, this one is pretty obvious. Unlike a toothbrush, you won't be able to buy a fluffy down coat at the nearest gas station. Also, imagine the conversation you'll have when you try to rationalize how easy it is to forget a winter coat on a winter vacation. That's a square peg in a round hole type of argument. If you don't have one yet, check out these winter coats. You can't forget a packable jacket when it's in your suitcase already.

  • 2. Knit hat and a pair of warm mittens.

    Aside from you and your vacay date, this is a classic coupling. Mittens are ideal for hand holding during those brisk snowy walks. If you're an avid snowball maker (and use your partner as target practice) you should take a look at these gloves.

  • 3. Falling in love with flannel shirts.

    What's better than having a stress-free day, lounging around in vacation mode with your coziest companion. Your hubby? No, we were actually talking about your flannel shirt. Soft as can be on both sides and doesn't eat all the popcorn…unlike some people.

  • 4. Sweater vetter.

    "This women's cashmere sweater is absolutely going, but that means the turtleneck may not fit." When it comes to the "what to pack" rigamarole we're bound to spend quality time deciding which sweaters get to come along for the trip and which ones we leave at home. Sometimes you just have to say “Only one cotton sweater will be getting a rose tonight.” I know, it can be tough. But when you choose the clothes that bring you joy, you'll have a suitcase packed to the brim. Think cozy.

  • 5. Snow boots for your snow foots.

    Remember when you were a kid and your dad would take you to the sledding hill? He and all the other parents were wearing jeans and sneakers. Like they all got together and signed a pact. Well, they sacrificed their prime years to show you how terrible an idea that is. A warm pair of snow boots is going to make your experience ten times better. No slipping and sliding. No sneakers that are out of commission for two weeks because they're still drying. You're living in the future.

Listen up, it's going to be chilly out there and you're not going to like it unless you layer up. The pitch was that there'd be a hot tub on a mountain top but you know you can only sit in a hot tub for, at best, one hour. So let's see what layers we can manage to fit in the suitcase for the remaining hundred hours

  • 1. Get cozy in yoga pants or sweatpants.

    You're going to be inside and wanting to lounge about like you're at home and the best way to do that is to grab that women's flannel tunic and slip into your yoga pants. Some are made to be worn like long underwear so if you do need to throw on a pair of women's jeans as an added layer, all the power to you. Also, not a bad reason to get over to that yoga class. You two can go together. How cute.

  • 2. Pajamas.

    You're going to catch up on a lot of sleep. It's vacation. Flannel pajamas and slippers better be in there. The one thing you should remember though: snoring doesn't stay at home. Bring earplugs too.

  • 3. Stay dry with a rain coat.

    Even though you have that packable winter coat, you're also going to want a good shell rain jacket. Life's great when you're not stuck in the middle of a cold rain, but if you're prepared with a packable raincoat you'll be glad you're the smart one.

  • 4. Fleece please.

    What's a vacation without a good fleece? It's the best in-between when it's a bit chilly and you're not willing to throw a big coat on. This men's quarter zip fleece is a surefire option when you're getting toasty with some hot cocoa and a crackling fire. It's the ultimate cuddle choice.

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