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Women's Winter Coats and Jackets To Help Transition From Fall to Winter

There are plenty of options in outerwear to help you make the transition from fall to winter. The period between fall and winter is a chance to make pretty combinations with outerwear outfits that bring together several of your favorite pieces into one look that's ready for anything. Choose versatile, stylish, and functional fall and winter coats to max out your style and comfort.

Make the Transition With Cozy Vests

Women's winter vests, both fleece and puffer varieties are layering superstars for the fall. You can make these flexible outerwear options cozier or more warm-weather appropriate via the other clothing choices.

Choose light layers when the temperatures will be moderate or match a warmer sweater or thick wool turtlenecks when the temperatures drop. When it gets very cold, you can add another layer over a fleece and create an even warmer combination. Look for styles that can coordinate well with your light and heavyweight jackets for the most versatile options.

Choose Fleece Jackets for Chic Style

A women’s fleece jacket is not only a cozy option for keeping the chill at bay, but it’s also a chic option that can work beautifully for everyday wear, from work outfits to weekend attire. Fleece is a breathable fabric, so when matching it with a breathable top in a material like cotton, the combination can be a terrific option for days when things may warm up at midday. Consider layering fleece jackets with items like a long-sleeve T-shirt, turtlenecks, and even lightweight sweaters for the perfect level of warmth. An additional benefit of fleece jackets is that they come in an array of both classic and trendy colors, so you can find the perfect look for you.

Utilitarian-Style Jackets for Cool Transitional Looks

Utility and military-style jackets are generally made with tightly woven cotton fabrics, which can keep light breezes at bay. These fall and winter jackets have a chic, ready-for-anything look that pairs well with casual clothes and even a few dressier options. Wear a thick women's sweater under, and add a warm scarf if it's going to be brisk. These pieces are perfect for pairing with chinos or wool slacks. Want to dress it up? Consider layered options like stylish corduroy skirt with leggings or thick rights along with chic ankle boots or cute women’s duck boots for universally flattering looks. These types of jackets are also available in insulation and waterproof designs which transition beautifully to the chill of winter.

Take On the Seasons with Stylish Trench Coats

As the breezy styles of summer give way to the more serious styles of fall and winter, trench coats take their place at the front of many women's closets. Trench coats come in lengths ranging from hip-length to below the knee, and these fall jackets for women are an excellent choice to pair with work and more casual outfits. Lightweight trench coats block the wind on fall-to-winter days, but you can also consider warmer options like insulated or wool trench coats for colder temps.

Denim Jackets for Ultimate in Casual Chic

Denim jackets are a casual alternative to a more traditional blazer or other types of transitional jackets. Like a blazer, they can be worn over a T-shirt, a blouse, or a sweater as part of an outfit, then topped with another coat if temperatures are even colder. Consider modern yet timeless looks like denim trucker jackets for the ultimate in a casual-chic jacket that can be dressed up or down. Along with sleek darker denim colors, you can find on-trend white-washed or tie-dyed looks to spice up any outfit. Look for details like fabrics with a touch of spandex for the perfect fit, functional yet stylish hip pockets, and adjustable button tabs for a hem that has a tailor-made look.

Moto/Biker Jackets That Give Outfits an Edge

To keep your look cool on nippy days, moto or biker jackets are a fall option with a little rocker chic. They're an ideal outerwear piece for days when things are cool, but not too cold. You can add a thick infinity scarf to keep the chill from your neck, as a feminine contrast to the tailored lines of the jacket. These also look fabulous contrasted with cool-weather, outfits like wide-legged pants and a cashmere turtleneck, or leggings and tunic sweaters paired with your favorite ankle boots.

Barn Coats for Everyday Appeal

For warm fall jackets to keep you moving on all but the coldest days, barn coats are a preppy and functional choice. These coats feature collars that you can prop up against the chilly breezes, and they typically have lots of pocket space for your keys and gloves. Look for quality construction that will let quilted patterns look their best, and insulated versions for extra warmth.

Stay Warm With Rain Jackets

Before the snow falls, there's still plenty of rain, freezing rain, and sleet to contend with. Women's lightweight jackets that are water-resistant are a great choice for the transition from fall to winter come in a broad array of colors, styles, and levels of insulation. The one that's right for you is the best match for the forecast, but rain gear is essential for this time of year.

Boost Your Style With Puffer Coats and Jackets

Puffer jackets and coats are outerwear options that come in weights and shapes that are perfect for most temperatures, from the mildest fall day to the most blustery winter afternoon. Modern, lightweight insulation in puffer outerwear helps keep you warm without the bulk. Choose from vibrant colors to sleek classics like black or navy in these women’s winter coats. For even more style options, consider print designs or color-blocked looks in these fall coats as well.

Wool Coats Are a Classic Staple

Your options in women's wool coats are nearly limitless. They run the gamut from classic navy peacoats to pretty plaid car coats or elegant winter wrap dress coats. The wool coat you choose can be of a weight to wear in the early fall to full-on winter, depending on the forecast. Wool's a natural, breathable fabric, so it's an excellent choice for layering over warm outfits, and it makes an ideal choice for wearing from fall right through the winter.

Stay Stylish in Cute Shawls and Wraps

Wraps and shawls are versatile options for transitional season wear. If you wear one on its own, a shawl can be a light option that's perfect for contending with a light fall chill. Try layering a shawl or wrap over another option, such as a denim jacket, a light wool coat, or a trench coat to add extra insulation and dimension that makes the outerwear a stylish option for even cooler days.

Go From Fall to Winter in Warm, Versatile Jacket Styles

No matter what coat or jacket options you choose, there are multiple ways to create a stylish new look this season. Consider which outerwear pieces on this list appeal to your sense of style and have the right functional details to keep you warm and cozy as the temperatures drop. From work-ready jackets to outerwear pieces that are perfect for date night, the array of jacket choices won’t let you down. What will you try next?


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