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Girls' holiday dresses for every personality

My beautiful girls are so many amazing things: strong, intelligent, fearless, independent, brave, athletic, inspiring, graceful, creative, loyal, kind, driven... One thing they are not? One size fits all. There’s no “cookie cutter” when it comes to their style choices. I may be loving them all the same as I raise them, but these little ladies of mine are turning out as different as night and day. However, our family does have a few events and gatherings related to the holidays that will call for each of my little jewels to look polished. That means it is time for us to do a bit of girls' holiday dress shopping.

Wild as the wind

She wants a dress that she can show off, and I want something that will hold up to her all-day-play approach to life. A velveteen holiday dress covers all the bases. It is so plush and soft that she will be in love with it at first touch, and it is extremely comfortable to wear. We'll add a simple sparkly headband or bow to match. Depending on the season, she can wear sandals or even boots with such a cute dress. It can be paired with tights, but my daughter and I both agreed that girls' leggings would look best.

Twirly girly

For my little ballerina, a festive Christmas twirl dress is truly the only dress that will do. She feels loveliest in a dress designed with a gathered waist and skirt that dances right along with her. I’m sure I’ll snap a few extra photos of her looking so tiny as she twirls gleefully by the Christmas tree. These are the sort of memories my sentimental heart will recall years from now when she and I shop for the dress that she’ll wear only once.

To add a fun twist to her twirly dress, we might twist some gems in her hair or add a sparkly headband. A pair of ballet flats will do perfectly, and if it’s chilly, she can always add a cardigan, over the dress.

Diamond in the rough

Although she spends most of her life in athletic leggings and tees heading to the mat, the field, the gym, or the weight room, my sporty girl loves a pretty dress. When the occasion calls for something a bit more formal, she’s all in. No surprise there! This girl gives 110% at all times. Did it surprise me that she chose a Christmas dress with tulle and a velvet ribbon? Nope, but I think she’ll be surprising quite a few of her coaches and teammates with this dress. They may not even recognize her at first. 

To finish off the look, we can add a set of cute flats or other dressy shoes. If she likes, we can grab a necklace, matching bracelet, and some earrings, for a polished look. 

Casual cutie

My daughters have tons of leggings and tees. I like to have a few go-to casual knit dresses on hand for last minute “maybe she needs a dress for that” occasion. That’s why I have knit dresses in practically every color and size in my girls' closets. You can add a simple pair of cute earrings to dress it up a bit more. Casual-knit dresses can also be worn with tights or leggings, ballet flats, ankle boots, and tennis shoes. Anytime you can find a dress that pairs well with comfortable shoes, you need to take a moment to pat yourself on the back. Plus, I can throw them in the laundry with everything else and not worry.

What’s also fun about a knit dress too is that after the holidays, you can layer over it for a more casual look. You can layer band tees or girls sweatshirts over the top with a pair of high-top sneakers for a fun casual yet a slightly dressy look. My girls love the way this style allows them to look dressed up while feeling pretty casual!

No matter what your daughter’s style is, it’s important for her to decide what she likes best. Clothes are one of the ways that girls and ladies of all ages use to show off their personal styles. The good news is, there’s a huge variety of holiday dresses. So, she’s sure to find one that she will love.


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