Matching Family Christmas Pajamas for Your Christmas Card

Forcing kids to get into their dressiest clothes and stand still for a formal Christmas picture can be exhausting and stressful. Instead, take Christmas card pictures to a new level with matching family Christmas pajamas. Kids will be relaxed and comfortable, and the result will be a fun Christmas card to show off.

Decide on the Color and Style

The first step for a family PJ Christmas card is to decide on the pajamas themselves. There are lots of colors and styles, from traditional Christmas colors and Christmas-themed patterns and prints to solid pajamas and classic and understated designs like plaid. The pajamas a family buys may depend on the type of picture they want. A family that wants to create a funny or whimsical Christmas card image, for example, may want a cute print. A family looking for a more traditional posed photo may opt for a more subtle style. Since some card options allow for multiple pictures, some families may even decide to do both types to put on the card. Choose from styles like button-down flannel pajamas, nightgowns, and pajamas with knit, henley, or ribbed tops.

Consider How to Coordinate the Look

Another aspect to think about is how to coordinate the overall look. Maybe females and males will wear different shirt colors, or ladies' nightgowns and men's flannel pajamas in the same print. Whether a family chooses a completely matching look with the same print and style for everyone, or mixes it up with a little variation but still has a coordinating theme or color pattern, the end results will look great. It's just a matter of preference. If kids are young, parents may just want to make the decision and surprise the kids with pajamas. If older children are in the family, they may want a say in what they want to wear for the picture, so it might be better to discuss it together. Have everyone wear matching slippers to further coordinate the look. If your pet is going to be in the picture, don't forget to include your furry friend. Place a matching bandanna around her neck so she matches the family's pajamas.

Think About Where to Take the Picture

Where the picture is taken is important, too. Posing in front of the Christmas tree is a classic look that always works well, but there are lots of other options, too. Take the picture in front of the fireplace or mantel with personalized Christmas stockings hanging in the background. If there is a decorated staircase in the home, consider staggering family members along the stairs for a unique pose. Gather together in the kitchen in front of a platter of festive Christmas cookies for a fun touch. A funny background would be a snowy porch with all the family members huddling together in their matching PJs. For those looking for just a simple backdrop, hang a simple white or black sheet against a wall and have family members stand in front of it. Make a festive DIY photo background by covering a large piece of cardboard in Christmas wrapping paper.

Add in Fun Christmas Props and Accessories

While a Christmas card photo of a family in matching pajamas can be fun and original on its own, families can really have some fun with the photos by adding in some different props and accessories. Make your Christmas pajama photoshoot special by bringing hats and scarves, sleds and blankets, and anything else you can think of! You can always delete pictures you don't like later!

Get Ready to Take the Christmas Card Photo

Once the kids' pajamas are on, the background is decided and the props are in place, it's time to take that matching family Christmas card photo! Make sure there is good lighting — you may need a flash to avoid shadows. Also, be sure to take multiple photos to have options for the final one to include on the card.


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