6 Cute Fall Outfit Ideas for Women

It's no secret that we love clothes. More specifically, we love making clothes that our customers love wearing. But with so many options of comfortable, stylish and quality pieces to choose from at landsend.com we can see how shopping for a new wardrobe has the potential to cause more stress than fun. That's why we've taken it upon ourselves to highlight 6 of our favorite fall outfits for women – so you can rest assured that the style you're eyeing is one that works. Without having to think about it. Keep scrolling for our top 6 cute fall outfits for women.

1. All Business: Cashmere Sweaters

Take some of the hassle out of your already busy morning by stocking your closet with a fall work wardrobe that takes the work out of getting dressed. Women's cashmere sweaters make a great addition to any professional wardrobe. Made from beautiful cashmere yarn spun from the silkiest wool fibers available, these pretty sweaters are easy to layer over one of our no iron shirts or under a fitted blazer. Not to mention well equipped at keeping you warm in that arctic tundra of an air-conditioned office.

2. Keeping it (Business) Casual: Women's Chinos

Looking nice and feeling comfortable don't always go hand in hand. At Lands' End, we believe that you shouldn't have to choose between comfort and style. That's exactly why we strive to bring you business casual attire you can feel confident wearing all day long. Our Women's Chino's are the perfect combination of comfort and class no matter where you wear them. Made from a cotton twill fabric with a hint of stretch, our chino pants are available in various cuts and colors making their transition into your work wardrobe as seamless as they are comfortable.

Easy to dress up, Chino pants look great paired with flowy tunic tops, mock turtlenecks, and cotton sweaters. If the layered look is something you're into, try wearing them with an open cardigan and a nice pair of flats on casual Friday. Whatever your style we're confident that you'll love our chino pants as much as we do.

3. Weekend Fun with Friends: Women's Jeans

Sometimes the idea of cutting loose on the weekend is the only thing that gets us through those hard, never-ending weeks. Relax and have fun this weekend in a stylish look that's unapologetically you. Our women's jeans are exactly what you want leading you onto that dance floor or just kicking back on the couch. Made from denim that actually cools or warms you depending on your needs, these are quite literally the perfect weekend adventure pants. And you don't have to worry about them getting that saggy bottom look after only a few hours of wear. Our Women's Jeans offer excellent stretch and recovery, not to mention are universally flattering no matter the cut.

Whatever is on the agenda you'll find that our Women's jeans can go just about anywhere. Pair your new favorite jeans with a thin cotton sweater and boots for some fall foliage fun. Or treat yourself to a movie in your favorite weekend wear of jeans and t-shirt. Just don't forget your cardigan. Those theaters get chilly.

4. The Great Outdoors: Fleece Jacket

Coming from Wisconsin, we know a thing or two about beautiful fall days. Enjoy the great outdoors this fall with a little help from one of our warm and comfortable lightweight jackets. Layer a cozy fleece jacket over a long sleeve t-shirt and jeans to enjoy a brisk hike in the woods. Or take a picturesque stroll through a pumpkin patch with the kids in a lightweight wool jacket keeping you warm as they fight over who's pumpkin is the biggest. Trust us, these cool days won't last long so make the most of them while you can – you'll thank us when that first snow falls.

5. From the Sidelines: Rugby Shirt

Nothing says fall more to a sports fan than tailgating at a football game on a Sunday afternoon. Keep your spirits high this football season by padding your wardrobe with a few sporty pieces that will keep you comfortable and warm on the sidelines. Made from breathable cotton with a touch of stretch, our rugby shirts will give you no trouble when it's time to cheer from your seat (or throw your arms up in frustration at a fumbled play). For those slightly colder games think about packing a thermos of coffee to keep you toasty in the bleachers while wearing one of our Women's flannel shirts. Not only will the all-cotton flannel keep you warm while watching the game but the clean-finish seams and neat hems will have you the talk of the VIP section. Just remember to pack a cotton sweatshirt amongst your super fan gear. Because there's no way you'll be leaving early – even when the weather (and the game) takes a turn for the worse.

6. Date Night: Skinny Jeans and Cashmere

And finally, no wardrobe is complete without that perfect go-to date night outfit at the ready. After all, you don't want to be stuck with nothing to wear when he finally takes some initiative and makes a reservation at that restaurant you've wanted to try. Have a few irresistibly beautiful cashmere sweaters in your closet and you'll always have something nice to wear at a moment's notice. Pair this elegantly classic sweater with your favorite skinny jeans and ankle boots and you'll have a 5 star look without even trying (too hard).

Don't fall into a fashion rut this season. Shop landsend.com for your must-have fall outfits for women today.


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