Cozy Pajama Sets Your Family Will Love to Show Off This Holiday Season

Cozy Pajama Sets Your Family Will Love to Show Off This Holiday Season

Now that the holiday season is here and you’re searching for the best festive sundries, you have found us. While it may not be the first thing you think about, the thought of cozy Christmas family pajamas could be one of your new favorite things about the holidays. Here are some comfy holiday pajamas that your family will love to show off during the season.

Flannel—the Quintessential Holiday Material

When you wear flannel pajamas, you take comfort with you wherever you are. These are the best to grab and lounge in after a long day at work—or for a lazy weekend. Flannel PJ sets come in many colors, patterns, and styles.

Snuggle up to a button-up long sleeve top and cozy long pant bottom, or choose a flannel gown instead. Whatever type you choose, make sure your sleepwear is made of the same quality materials. All our flannel cotton is brushed inside and out for the highest comfort. Get the perfect fit on the flannel pajama pants with the full elastic waist and drawstring closure. Oh—and there are pockets too!

Choose Your Favorite Material

If flannel isn’t your go-to material, consider jersey knits and single tops and bottoms to match your favorite sleepwear components. You can even get a matching robe and monogram your initials! Don’t forget to explore the different designs that each pajama set can come in. You’ll find everything from delicate florals and polka dots to that good ol’ holiday flannel print everyone knows and loves. If you’re looking for an alternative to pajama sets, check out sleeping gowns that come in long sleeve and short sleeve versions, allowing you to rock the look throughout the year!

Pajamas for the Hot Box

If you’re known to just need a light blanket or throw because you’re destined to sweat even in the winter, you can still find comfy pajamas that cater to your accelerated internal thermostat. Try wearing boxers and short sleep sets that allow you to vent out some heat and stay comfortable all night long. If you still desire some more coverage without the weight of thicker fabrics, try a set that is made out of lightweight cotton instead.

Pajamas for the One Who Is “Always Cold”

If you’re the kind of person who starts cranking up the heat as soon as you see one leaf fall on the ground, you may need some extra warm pajamas to get you through the winter. Don’t worry—we have you covered. In our vast sleepwear collection, we have long sleeve fleece pajama sets made of plush anti-pill fabric that is brushed to bring out its maximum softness. All that fluffy fleece traps the warm air and keeps you feeling snug even when the temperatures start to fall. Best of all—our fleece is anti-static, so you’ll only be “shocked” by how warm it is!

Festive Family Sets for Gifting

So, you may have an awesome Christmas sweater already, so why not find a sleepwear set that you can pair with that showstopper? And how can we talk about holiday pajamas without cozy matching pajamas? Matching family photos make the perfect gift for Christmas Eve so that the entire family can wear them as they unwrap the rest of their presents on Christmas morning. Coordinate your family set by ordering a wide range of styles and sizes at once. Whether you need flannel shorts, a matching top and bottom set, robes, kids’ flannel pajamas, or a matching bandana for the family dog—choose what will let you feel fully festive.

Cozy Family Christmas Pajamas for Photos

What another wonderful way to put those cozy Christmas pajamas to good use? Take family photos on Christmas morning! An easy option is to take organic photos as everyone unwraps their gifts. Alternatively, you can take posed photos featuring everyone in the crew. First, choose a background for the photos—in front of the trimmed tree, fireplace mantel, or outdoor Christmas decorations or other Christmas decorations. Next, take a series of photos featuring various poses from silly faces to holding props. Finally, share you’re your photos on social media with your family and friends!

Extra Comfort Factors

While comfy Christmas pajamas keep you warm, flannel robes will add that extra layer of coziness to keep shivers at bay on the coldest of nights. Sink into your couch and catch up on all the shows you missed in the summer. Now that it’s slow down season, it’s your chance to indulge in total warmth—from head to toe. Slippers can add comfort, warmth, and a little extra pizazz to any cute and cozy Christmas experience. With so many kinds that are made of fleece, suede, leather, and cozy knits, all you have to do is find your favorite style!

Grab Some Flannel Sheets While You’re At It

When it’s the holiday season, why are summery dolphin theme sheets still on your bed? It’s time to replace these holiday mood busters with festive flannel sheets and cozy comforters that will turn your bedroom into a joyful winter wonderland. Fitted sheets are designed with wraparound elastic, promising a secure and comfortable fit.

When you get cozy family pajamas that you love, it’s like second nature to show it off with photos. Achieve the perfect Christmas hashtag and broadcast your holiday cheer while donning festive sleepwear.


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