When to Shop for Fall Outfits

When to Shop for Fall Outfits

At Lands’ End, we know you have a lot on your plate. Between meeting deadlines at work, juggling the mental load of home life, and remembering to eat (3 times a day!), it sometimes feels like you couldn’t possibly find the brainpower to plan just one. More. Thing. But, of course, then you do – though not often enough on yourself. That’s why we’re here to nudge you into doing just that. Do yourself a favor and spend a little bit of that planning expertise on your fashion needs this fall. Read on for our easy-to-follow suggestions of when to shop for fall outfits to ensure you get all of the clothing you’ll want to look – and feel great – for the entire season.

Jeans for All Seasons

First thing’s first when shopping for any season: start with the basics. Your style isn’t going to change just because the leaves do. Stick with clothes you know you look and feel great in to establish that sturdy foundation of your fresh fall style. Invest in a few pairs of crisp new jeans in various cuts and colors to revitalize your everyday look. At landsend.com, you’ll find a variety of skinny jeans options that are sure to have you sitting pretty – and feeling comfortable – all day. Made from super-soft denim with a little extra “hold and mold” stretch that helps it keep its shape, these jeans are a great addition to any fall wardrobe.

In addition to your favorite new pair of skinny jeans, you’ll want other cuts too, like mid rise straight leg jeans, high rise jeans and our women’s elastic waist knit jeans. But why are our Lands’ End jeans better than those broken in pairs in your closet? Our jeans are universally flattering thanks to our high-quality denim that stretches with every move and then bounces back quickly to give you that ‘fresh out of the drier’ silhouette you love. Plus, they feel light and comfortable on your body – a basic necessity we aspire to for not only our women’s fall clothing but for all of our clothing.

Going from Summer to Fall

We know it can be tricky planning your fall wardrobe when you’re still soaking up the rays of summer. That’s why we suggest buying items that you can enjoy from summer well into the fall. Our roll-sleeve linen tunic tops are a great addition to any summer-into-fall wardrobe. Fantastic paired with shorts or skinny jeans, these lightweight linen shirts are perfect for warm weather days where you don’t want to bare a lot of skin. Also, check out our tunic sweaters.

Supima® cotton cardigans are another wardrobe must-have this summer/fall. Not only does an open cardigan look great worn over a camisole on a warm summer evening, but their stylish layering potential is exactly what you’ll need when those summer breezes take a turn for crisp cool winds. Perfect for dressing up or down, our soft and comfy Supima® cotton cardigans can easily go from an office setting worn with cute ballet flats and dress pants to a casual evening under the stars with friends in your favorite pair of skinny jeans and flip flops. When it comes to a versatile summer and fall wardrobe essential, it seems the cardigan was made for exactly that.

Fall into Winter

Winter tends to sneak up on us but, when you think about it, we spend the latter half of fall preparing ourselves for those looming cold months. Get a jump on the shock of winter and shop layering pieces for your fall wardrobe. Cozy shirts like plaid and flannel and light cotton sweaters are some of our fall favorites totally capable of carrying you through winter.

Sleeveless turtlenecks are another fall/winter piece that looks great layered beneath a blazer for work or paired with a cashmere sweater on colder days. These combinations work well whether you’re headed to the office or the ski chalet. Another essential wardrobe item you need to consider when tip-toeing into winter is what you’re wearing on your feet. As the temperatures drop, you’ll want to trade in your darker-toned ballet flats for sturdier, warmer (but still stylish) shoes like leather ankle boots and block heel booties of all shades. Not only will they pair nicely with your beloved skinny jeans, but you could also wear them with those skirts and dresses you can’t seem to put away just yet.

Fall for Comfort

Above all else, comfort is key no matter the season – or time of day. Don’t forget to switch out those thin, short-sleeved pajamas for something a little warmer this fall. Our long-sleeved Midcalf Supima® cotton nightgown is so soft and comfortable you’ll have an even harder time getting out of bed in the morning. Or lean in to warm and cozy with a pair of Women’s print flannel pajamas– something you’ll love having on those cold winter nights on your couch as you dream about plans for the future.

Flannel Button Ups and Flannel Jackets

Nothing says fall quite like flannel, and that’s why it deserves a category all of its own. From button-ups to jackets, it’s so easy to wear flannel shirts and jackets with any of our jeans or leggings. A boyfriend-fit flannel shirt is ideal for any woman that ever wanted to steal his flannel shirt. Now you have one of your own, looking so good that now he’ll want to steal yours. You’ll appreciate the look and feel of the 100% soft cotton plaid flannel shirts.

If you want a different fit, go for a flannel A-line long sleeve tunic top. This top is your favorite flannel feel with versatile patterns like khaki multi stripe and storm blue outdoor toile for a more feminine fit. If you’re looking for a flannel that has the best of both worlds, get the women’s flannel shirt. It has a flattering feminine tailored design with both classic plaid options and a whimsical deep-sea deer Fairisle. Your fall look will be complete, and you’ll be ready for your next apple-picking adventure.

At Lands’ End, we know that planning for the future isn’t always easy, but when it comes to planning for the change in seasons, we’ve got you covered. Don’t let the colder weather put you in a fashion panic this fall. Shop landsend.com today for your fall outfit essentials.


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