The 5 Cutest Fall Travel Outfits for Women

The 5 Cutest Fall Travel Outfits for Women

When you are going on a fall getaway, you want to put together cute outfits that will make you feel comfortable, confident, and chic. Not to mention, you’ll likely be taking plenty of photos of your vacation and want to wear outfits you can look back on and know you looked good in. If you are feeling overwhelmed with the packing process, let us alleviate some of that stress by introducing you to five essential travel outfits for fall.

1. Your Airport Outfit

Several decades ago, people would dress up for just about everything. When they went to the movies or went shopping, they were dressed to the nines. When they arrived at the airport and took a 12-hour flight, they were put together. Those days have long passed, and we routinely see people engage in all three of those activities in less formal articles of clothing … like sweatpants.

The good news is there is a middle ground for people who want to dress nicely and still be comfortable. You don’t have to go to the airport in a pantsuit and six-inch heels, but you certainly don’t have to wear baggy sweatpants either. Cue the “cute airport outfit.”

To begin, find your favorite women’s turtleneck or sweater. It doesn’t matter what material, color, or fit. And, yes, you can get away with wearing an oversized women's sweater without it looking baggy or sloppy, especially if you pair it with leggings.

Another great fall top you could wear to the airport is a flannel shirt; it’s equal parts fashionable and comfortable. For bottoms, stay away from anything tight or inflexible. You don’t want to wear something restrictive like skinny jeans on a long flight; a nice pair of leggings would be the better option. If you want to dress up your look a bit but still keep things comfortable, print linen pants with an elastic waist should do the trick. With these bottoms, you can ditch the belt and avoid having to take that off at security altogether. Finally, for shoes, stick to anything slip-on. Stay away from boots or sneakers you have to tie on and off. This will help you through security and keep your feet comfortable on a long flight. Things like women's loafers and mules work great.

2. Your Cultural Exploration Outfit

This is the outfit you wear during all your daytime outings. When you are gallery hopping, strolling through a museum and snapping photos of historic landmarks, you want to wear something that is comfortable for walking and makes you look and feel like a bonafide cultural explorer. Because you will likely be doing lots of walking, you’ll want to stick to flat shoes. Boots, women's flats, or a cute pair of sneakers all work well, provided they are high quality and won’t leave your feet blistered and sore.

Almost any type of casual pant will look good for this outfit whether it’s dark blue straight leg jeans, sport knit high rise elastic waist pull-on pants with a print design, or solid-colored chino pants. For your top, either a long-sleeve or short-sleeve solid-colored top will go with just about anything. Finish off the look with a scarf, a pair of sunglasses, and a jacket (denim works well) and you have yourself a cute, casual cultural exploration outfit.

3. Your Candlelit Dinner Outfit

This should be the fanciest outfit in your fall travel wardrobe. If you are traveling with your significant other and anticipate a romantic dinner or two, you want an outfit that will wow. You can never go wrong with a little black dress, and since it’s the fall season, go for warmer, thicker materials like wool. To add a touch of elegance, wear fine jewelry like diamond earrings or your favorite necklace.

For shoes, heels work best. You could always stick to classic black pumps if you are wearing a little black dress or try something a little different like strappy heels or heels of a different color.

4. Your Versatile Day Dress

The second dress you should pack is one that you can wear throughout the day. Depending on the weather of the destination you are traveling to, you can wear either a long-sleeve dress or a short-sleeve modest dress. If you plan to wear a long dress, make sure it is flowy and easy to walk in. If you’re not sure what style you want to go with, a floral dress looks stunning in any season, especially fall.

Another cute option is a flutter short-sleeve smocked waist dress in a color like a chili red or deep-sea navy or a midi dress with a women’s sweater. It’s light, airy, comfortable, easy to walk in, and can be paired with ballet flats and a denim jacket. A third-day dress option that looks great in the fall is a long-sleeve woven print ruffle collar shift dress in black coffee and ivory-colored checkers. You can't go wrong with travel dresses for fall!

5. Your "Do-it-all" Outerwear

No matter where you go, fall can deliver unexpectedly cold, windy, or wet weather. If you have the right outerwear, the weather can enhance your experience! It never hurts to be prepared.

You're fine without a warm hat, but consider a fall-colored squall raincoat and touch-screen leather gloves. The rain jacket will make the water roll right off you and keep the wind from stealing the warmth from your inner layers. And of course, the gloves will give your hands a nice layer of warmth without being too bulky so that you can continue to use your phone to take pictures or navigate to your next destination. No one wants to keep their hands in their pockets all the time!


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