Pajamas for Everyone on Your Christmas List

Pajamas for Everyone on Your Christmas List

We all know that the holidays are about more than just getting gifts. They’re also about giving them. At Lands’ End, we know how much thought and care you put into handpicking gifts for your friends and family every year. We also know that some years are easier than others when it comes to finding that perfect present. Don’t let the stress of shopping get you down this holiday season. Give the gift of relaxation to your friends and family this holiday season and wrap up a pair of cozy Lands’ End pajamas for everyone on your list this Christmas.

Pajamas for Your Husband

Maybe it’s because he buys anything he needs when he needs it. Maybe it’s because he’s happy just staying home with you and the kids on the weekends instead of partaking in hobbies. Maybe it’s because you’ve already given him everything he could ever want out of life. Whatever the reason, your husband is often the one person on your list who is the hardest to shop for. Stop overthinking what he really wants for Christmas this year and just give him what he loves: time at home relaxing with you. This holiday, give your man a set of men’s pajamas you’ll love hugging him in. A perfect gift for date nights on the couch.

P.S. If your hubby is more of a “less is more” kind of guy when it comes to nightwear, you can still buy him the men’s broadcloth pajama pants completely on their own.

Pajamas for the Grandparents

Hosting a full house during the holidays isn’t exactly easy (for anyone involved), but you can make your family members more comfortable with some matching Christmas pajamas to keep them relaxed during their visit. If you aren’t sure what to get family members for Christmas this year, why not get pajamas for grandma and grandpa? They deserve to be cozy just as much as everyone else! Grandma and grandpa Christmas pajamas can come in all different styles or you could get them cute matching Christmas pajamas for grandparents. They will love waking up Christmas morning in their matching flannel pajama pants and a cozy T-shirt or matching flannel pajama top.

Pajamas for Your Brother

He may be married with his own kids now, but to you, he’ll always be your little brother. This probably explains why you two have been yelling “not it” every time someone needs help with the dishes. Resist the urge to treat your brother like the man-child you will always think of him as and instead give him a pair of men’s jersey pajama pants monogrammed with his initials. With an elasticized waistband, drawstring closure, and side pockets, we guarantee he’ll love these pants so much he’ll never want to take them off. But he’s not a kid anymore, so we’re pretty sure he will. Probably.

Pajamas for Your Sister-in-Law

You two may not have much in common aside from her husband – and your mutual love of chocolate – but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great Christmas together. Make it your mission to get to know your SIL better this holiday season with a little help from wine, chocolate, and a Supima® cotton nightgown and flannel robe. Offered in a variety of lengths, patterns, and colors, the nightgown will be a sure hit. You two will be besties by New Year. Which we’re sure your brother will love. Right?

Pajamas for the Kids

There’s nothing like seeing a kid’s face on Christmas morning as he unwraps that first gift under the tree. Except for maybe when that first gift happens to be some piece of clothing instead of a toy. That’s exactly why you should give your kiddos their new Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve instead. Imagine the pictures – scruffy hair, flushed faces, and adorable pajamas as they open their presents on the big day. Pair their fleece or knit pajama sets with some fun girls’ slippers and boys’ slippers for some valuable extra “mom points” and maybe even a hug or two.

Pajamas for Your Best Friend

In addition to shopping for family members, there are likely a few other loved ones to shop for this holiday season, such as your best friend. One way to show your best friend how much you love and care for them is to give them something luxuriously comfortable. A brand new set of fleece pajamas in a style you know they’d like is an excellent Christmas gift. Even better, you can get yourself a set of pajamas in the same color and style so you and your best friend can have matching pajamas! Think of it as the adult equivalent of friendship bracelets. And don’t even get us started on the funny photo shoots, Christmas movie marathons, and sleepovers you and your best friend can have in your matching PJs.

You don’t have to let the holiday season shopping stress you out this year. Keep things simple by shopping for Lands’ End pajamas at Lands’ End today!


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