The Perfect Matching Family Christmas Pajamas for Any Big Family

Big families don’t always agree when it comes to what to wear for a party, holiday, or photo. Deciding to wear matching family Christmas pajamas takes away some of the stress and allows everyone to enjoy the holiday.

Christmas Pajama Ideas for Large Families

There are a number of different ways to decide the right Christmas flannel pajamas for big families. This could include immediate and extended family. The choice to wear pajamas is fun and can be a memorable tradition for any family while encouraging a sense of togetherness. There are lots of options in Christmas colors and fun prints with things like reindeer or Christmas trees, but having a large number of people involved means there is a little coordination needed to make it all work. There are some simple ways to get everyone matching without any arguments, though.

Mix and Match Pajamas

In this method for choosing the perfect PJs, one person (consider drawing numbers or choosing a specific person, such as the eldest in the family) decides on what the main style or pajama print will be. Everyone in the family is required to wear one item with that specific print or pattern and any other pieces can be their choice. So ladies might opt for a nightgown and guys for pajama pants with a solid shirt. Or, a print top with solid pajama shorts or pants. The varied combinations mean everyone will match and look great in photos, but no one’s forced to be dressed exactly alike.

Go Classic

A variation on the above style, here, a single style of plaid is chosen either by the person the family decides on or the person who draws the winning number. Like above, each person must wear one item with the plaid print and any other pieces are their choice. This will create a great look for a classic Christmas card photo.

Perfectly Matching Christmas Pajamas by Vote

This idea for choosing the Christmas PJs will involve voting. Each family can nominate a certain style of pajama for consideration. Once all the candidates are in place, voting begins. Each person anonymously votes for his top two favorites. The winning style is the one with the most votes. Everyone will wear that specific style and print/pattern for the holiday.

Christmas Sweaters With Matching PJ Pants

Some have called the matching Christmas family pajama trend the new “ugly Christmas sweater,” but for those who just can’t give up the sweaters, there is another option. Decide on a style of pajama pant by vote, then allow everyone to pair those matching pants with their favorite Christmas sweater.

Let the Kids Decide

The younger family members may not get much of a choice when it comes to matters like mom and dad’s rules, but this is one time they can have control. Show kids different images of fun kids’ pajamas and let them vote for their favorite.

Roll the Dice

On a die, write the names of the Christmas pajama styles that different family members like. Let the oldest or youngest in the family roll the die. Whatever style it shows facing up when it lands is the one everyone in the family will put on for Christmas.

Have a Drawing

Have everyone in the family write down the name of their favorite pajama pant style. Place all the ideas into a basket or jar. Then, have one person blindly pick one out of the container. The one drawn is the pajama that wins.


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