Matching Pajamas For the Whole Family to Wear All Year

Matching Pajamas For The Whole Family to Wear All Year

Ho, ho, ho? Even though you got those matching family Christmas pajamas for Christmas, you still want to wear them again. They’re not just warm and comfortable for one day of the year either.

Honestly, we’re not ready to designate one day of the year as the sole matching pajamas day. Sure, we love a good Christmas morning photo with the whole family dressed up in matching sleepwear, but we also want to put those matching outfits to use year-round.

Here are five non-festive reasons you’ll love to be back in your favorite family matching Christmas pajamas.

Reason #1: The Accidental Matching Pajamas

It’s an ordinary Saturday morning. There’s no scheduled photo for this particular day. Nobody thought about how funny it would be to match pajamas. For the most part, it’s a quiet lead-up to breakfast.

As the family files into the kitchen one-by-one, either staring at their phones or looking for that coffee pick me up, it looks as though there will be a moment where everybody realizes a striking coincidence.

“Are we all weari—”


When the stars align serve up some plaid flapjacks (aka, waffles) and turn a coincidence into a nice little photo op. Sooner or later, the matching pajamas will return.

Reason #2: Matching Family Pajama Reunion

We’re wearing matching pajamas all the way through summer. When that August family reunion brings aunts, uncles, children, cousins, parents (and even pets), you can identify which kids are yours by their matching sleep sets. Everybody will think it’s hilarious and they’ll be only a little jealous that they didn’t think of the same thing.

Are you thinking maybe you want to go above and beyond and include the entire family? Coordinate beforehand to get everybody involved. Call them the extended family matching pajamas. You’ll probably need to invite a neighbor over to take the picture.

Reason #3: Matching Family Pajamas on the Road

“Next stop! Plaid town.”

When you’re out on the road, matching pajamas can keep you cozy in the car as well as being an indicator as to which rest stop children are your children. It’s a whole lot of fun especially when passersby watch an entire family get into an SUV wearing the same outfit.

“All green flannelled family members, please meet at the water fountain at 11 am sharp.”

This is the perfect territory for a new family tradition. When we’re trying to figure out which outfit to wear on the journey, play it safe and wear those PJs. Now you definitely won’t forget to bring pajamas.

Reason #4: Matching Pajamas are Just as Good as Hot Chocolate on a Snow Day

Who doesn’t love a snow day? Crawl back into bed after reminding the kids that one of the all-time greatest perks to living in a cold, wintry place is that sometimes you don’t HAVE to go to school. Wake up an hour later than you usually do and get everybody into their matching pajamas afterward. It’s time for a celebration.

If you want to drive out into the winter wonderland, wait for the snowplows to carve a path to your favorite sledding hills. When you get back, let’s be honest, no one wants to sit at home on a snow day in regular clothes. Snow days call for comfy matching family pajamas. You can all match as you stare out the window with your hot chocolates in hand. 

Matching pajamas would also be great for snow day family movie-watching parties. When you don’t want to venture outside, or you’re settling in for the day, turn on your family’s favorite movie and settle in to watch in your comfy pjs and slippers.

Reason #5: Matching Pajamas for Days That End in Why Not

Now that you’ve got plenty of reasons to complete your matching goals…do you even really need a reason? Any morning that you get to spend with the kids is an event in itself and a great thing to wake up to. Being a goof with them is no less an occasion than it is a lifestyle choice. Matching Christmas pajamas for the whole family guarantee bonding time. Be sure to try and get these moments in while your kids are still little. As they get older, they may not want to match as much. So, soak it all in while they’re little and still think it’s cool to match with mommy and daddy.

Even if it’s not as eventful as the holidays, make any day a memorable one with matching family pajamas.


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