Outfit Options to Wear to a Backyard Party in the Fall

Outfit Options to Wear to a Backyard Party in the Fall

Just because the weather isn’t very hot and the sun doesn’t stay out as long, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy time outdoors this fall. In fact, fall is a great time to be outdoors enjoying the color of the changing leaves and the crisp fall air. And considering it is the safest way to enjoy time with friends and family during a pandemic, you may as well make the best of it before winter comes and you’ll be hunkered down indoors.

If you’re lucky enough to host or be invited to a backyard party this fall, you may be wondering what to wear. Of course, the temperature outside will have something to do with it, as well as whether it’s a daytime or nighttime party, but there are a handful of basics that you should consider. Let’s jump into them now!

A Fuzzy Fleece Jacket

For those cooler autumn days, you’ll want to be warm but also comfortable. That means not only wearing something that’s nice and toasty but also something that’s thin and flexible so you can move around freely without feeling stiff. That’s why a well-made fleece jacket is worth wearing to a backyard fall party. They’re great for keeping you comfortable since they have small pockets that trap body heat but also allow for air circulation so you don’t overheat.

If it’s made well, it should stay soft no matter how many times you wear and wash it, so make sure you get yours from Lands’ End. Ours is brushed on the inside layer and outside for extra softness. Plus, they don’t cause static and don’t pill. You can find a fleece jacket that zips all the way down like a traditional jacket, or one that you pull over your head and just zips at the neck. Pockets are an added bonus!

Comfy Jeans

If you’re going to be mingling outside sitting on lawn furniture, there’s no reason to get all dressed up. You do want to look nice though, so find some comfy women’s jeans that allow you to move around freely. High-waisted jeans are cool, and they’re also super trendy these days. When you wear high-waisted jeans, you don’t have to worry about them falling down when you bend over either, especially if you're playing some outdoor games. Wear them with some sneakers or some ankle boots as long as they have a low heel (so you don’t trip while walking through the grass). Remember that those pesky mosquitos may still be around, so avoid wearing flats or sandals that expose your feet.

A Long Cardigan with Leggings

The match made between a women’s cardigan sweater and a pair of leggings is a match made in heaven. It’s simple and casual but also can be effortlessly stylish. Plus, there’s so much versatility in the outfit. There are so many color options and materials to choose from when it comes to cardigan sweaters and leggings. That means that no matter how unique your cardigan sweater is, you’re sure to find a pair of leggings that will match. Don’t forget a white T-shirt (you can go with short or long sleeves) to wear underneath it. As for shoes, anything goes, but we love ankle boots with a hint of sock showing at the top — the bare ankle look is cute, but it might be chilly if it is a cold fall day.

A Warm Vest

When it’s not warm enough for a jacket but you want a layer of protection to keep you warm, winter vests are great. They work well over any long-sleeved T-shirt, but also pair nicely over turtlenecks, which will keep your neck warm during an outdoor fall party. And if your vest has pockets, you can store your keys and cellphone in them so you don’t have to carry a purse around the party with you. Materials to look for in a vest for fall include down and fleece.

Flannel Shirts and Denim Jackets

Flannel shirts and fall go hand-in-hand. After all, even the scarecrows wear them, and why not? They’re soft, durable, comfortable, and warm. But if they’re not warm enough for a chillier fall day, keep in mind that they also look great with denim jackets over them. The combination is classy yet rugged, which is just perfect for an outdoor fall party. As for the pants to wear with the outfit, khakis work, as do leggings and yes, even jeans. Just keep the type of denim in mind if you’re going to wear a denim jacket with jeans. The wash should ideally be the same, but the colors can be different.

The last tip for dressing for a fall party is to dress in layers so you can stay comfortable if the temperature suddenly changes. Have fun!


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