The Perfect Flannel Shirt for Any Christmas Party

The Perfect Christmas Flannel Shirts for Men, Women, and Kids

When it comes to the holidays, flannel shirts are a staple item in every closet, an all-American go-to, so to speak. The ultra-soft cotton is warm and cozy for brisk winter days, but also classic and sophisticated once temperatures start to drop. Paired with a simple pair of denim jeans, flannel shirts make for an easy style that always looks put together and exudes the winter spirit. If you're flannel obsessed like us, you can use the seasonally soft fabric anywhere, from flannel pajamas and robes to flannel sheets and pillow covers.

This holiday season, we invite you to throw on your favorite flannel shirt, perhaps paired with jeans and pearls, and head to a festive party. Here are tips for rocking perfect flannel shirts for any Christmas party this season.

Flannel Shirts for Women

Much like its year-round alternative, the white button-down, women's flannel shirts make for a classic and put-together look throughout the holiday season. Whether paired with jeans or worn as a tunic over leggings with boots, flannel shirts are a simple, soft, and comfortable look for women of all ages.

Flannel Shirts in Different Styles & Designs

Flannel shirts have evolved to include all different colors, designs, and patterns, like herringbone in shades of pastel pink and blue, traditional red or black flannel shirts, and even polka dotted flannel shirts. New, modern cuts like flannel tunics that are longer and looser and better paired over leggings for a more comfortable and flexible style.

Be Bold with Your Flannel Shirt This Holiday Season

Not limited only to casual day trips and activities, you can have fun with your flannel shirt by pairing them with festive accessories or with sparkly earrings or necklaces for holiday parties. Don't be afraid to go bold with your accessory choices, as chunky jewelry makes for a fun feminine contrast against the more fitted plaid shirt.

Add a Personal Touch to Your Flannel Shirt

Another way to upgrade or personalize your plaid shirt is with an eye-catching monogram that creates an elegant extra touch. Monograms come in a variety of colors and styles and can be added to certain styles of flannel shirts.

Flannel Shirts for Men

A classic fit and soft cotton fabric make men's flannel shirts a seasonal favorite and versatile winter and fall addition. Their fitted look can go from daytime to evening casual, and depending on the outfit, these closet staples are perfect for holiday parties or Christmas gatherings. Flannel shirts for men are a beloved staple that can be worn on any occasion, whether tucked or untucked with sleeves rolled or done up. Better yet, men can layer them under cardigans, sweaters, vests, or jackets for an all-American, masculine look.

Ultra-Soft Men's Flannel Shirts

The holidays are an excuse for men to wear ultra-soft, twice-brushed cotton flannel shirts. These men's flannel shirts are unique as the cotton is brushed for extra softness.

Modern, Classic Cuts

Modern and classic cuts create a fitted look for holiday parties and more formal family gatherings. The fitted style and length of men's flannel shirts look suave and clean tucked in, but can also work untucked for an effortless and masculine look. We recommend pairing men's flannel shirts with fitted khaki pants for holiday parties, or dark denim and a complimentary belt for a preppy and put-together style.

Play with Different Textures, Layers, and Colors When Pairing Flannel Shirts

For the ultra-bold man, try pairing different fabrics like corduroy or velvet pants with your flannel shirts for a unique and fun texture. When paired with traditional flannel prints and patterns, the contrast of colors makes for a modern take on a classic look, so your daring fashion sense is sure to be a hit at holiday parties. Another fun way to add to your classic flannel shirt is to layer under sweaters, vests, or even sports jackets. Flannel shirts for men can be easily dressed up or dressed down, depending on the occasion.

Flannel Shirts for Kids

The holiday season means there will be plenty of festivities for the whole family, and flannel shirts are an easy, appropriate, and fashionable go-to for kids. Flannel shirts for kids are extra soft to the touch and offer an extra layer of warmth during chilly months when paired with fleece sweaters or vests, not to mention the variety of patterns and colors make for an adorable and fresh look at holiday parties. Flannel shirts for girls come in different lengths including a classic or tunic fit. For boys, flannel shirts can be worn both tucked or untucked for a charming and easy look that can go from playtime to holiday photo time at the drop of a hat.


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