Best Corduroy Pants for Women to Wear This Fall

Best Corduroy Pants for Women to Wear This Fall

Once upon a time, corduroy was the ultimate back-to-school fabric. It’s warm, cozy, and a wee bit old-fashioned — but it’s also an incredibly timeless fabric. To what do we owe its endurance? Maybe it’s the fact that it exudes such retro appeal. There’s something so comforting about a piece of the past that still means something today. Maybe it isn’t as widespread, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t relevant. Adding a pair of corduroy pants to your wardrobe is one of the easiest ways to make the fabric a key part of your world once again.

Maybe it’s the sturdiness of the material that makes it so attractive. That distinctive texture sets it apart from others out there, lending it a richer, thicker, and more substantial quality. Some are of lighter weight than others and with considerably less texture, but they are still unmistakably corduroy. Available in a number of styles, colors, and even some patterns, these comfortable bottoms are perfect for adding to your fall wardrobe.

Mid-Rose Cords

If you’re all about women’s jeans but want something that’s a little bit warmer, a pair of mid-rise corduroy pants is a great alternative. It exudes the same casual appeal as your favorite denim and is just as easy to wear with everything from cardigans and blouses to long-sleeve T-shirts and tunics. The difference is in the considerably softer texture.

The fabric is also a little heavier, making it the right choice for a cooler day that calls for something with a little more heft. These fit the bill perfectly, adding warmth to your world without any unnecessary bulk or volume. You’ll love how the plush material gently brushes against your skin. They look great with anything you’d typically pair with jeans, such as a flyaway cardigan and a light T-shirt or a flannel shirt.


A pair of corduroy leggings puts a surprisingly chic spin on the classic material. Featuring details like stretchy elastic waistbands and smooth, slightly textured finishes, these bottoms make the perfect cool weather substitute for your usual go-to leggings. More than just comfortable, they’re also incredibly versatile. Wear them just as you would your standard leggings in the fall. They look great with tunic-length sweaters, flyaway cardigans, and flannel shirts. Layer a structured blazer over a long-sleeve blouse and step into a pair of booties or heels for an instantly pulled-together look that’s perfect for facing breezier days with a fashionable twist. The added bit of corduroy makes all the difference to your comfort.

Wide-Leg Cords

Wide-leg pants generally exude sophistication. The free flow of the fabric, coupled with the forgiving silhouette, makes it a top-tier choice for anyone who wants to venture away from more casual looks like denim and leggings. The wider leg is both stylish and flattering, and it looks great with everything from women’s blouses to fitted T-shirts.

Even better is its all-around versatility. You might be surprised to find what a significant role these bottoms play in your everyday life. In a neutral color, they’re perfect to wear to the office with a turtleneck or a high-neck blouse — you’ll channel a hint of that retro 1970s-inspired charm that’s always right on trend. Or you can modernize them by wearing them with a fitted white tee and adding a statement necklace to create a fresh, balanced look from top to bottom.

Sporty Cords

The sporty cord isn’t quite as casual as, say, a pair of women’s workout pants, but it does exude a similar sense of laid-back ease. These are the bottoms to wear when you’re taking it easy for the day, yet may run out for a quick errand or grab a coffee with a friend. They pull your look together, yet still offer the more understated appeal of your favorite pair of jeans or those stretchy leggings that are a core part of your weekend uniform.

The sportier model is all about sheer comfort. You’ll feel it in the ultra-soft touch of the fabric, of course, but also in the stretchy finish that ensures it fits like a dream. Then there’s the fully elasticized waistband for the best fit and a slightly tapered leg that skims your figure for a flattering look. This type of style is easy to pair with so many different pieces, from simple tops and cardigans to long-sleeve shirts. Step into a pair of loafers or ballet flats and you’ll be ready for anything.

Corduroy is an essential part of your fall wardrobe — the kind of fabric you can always count on to help you stay warm. While you can find it in everything from jackets to handbags these days, it’s ultimately a pair of tried-and-true corduroy pants that will keep you coziest of all as the weather gets chillier. No matter how you style them, you can count on looking fabulous.


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