Guide to Black Friday Shopping: Everything You Need to Score the Best Online Black Friday Deals

Black Friday FAQ: Everything You Need to Score the Best Online Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is almost here, and it looks a lot different than it did in years past. Just because we’re all stuck inside doesn’t mean the holiday is canceled, though. There will be just as many deals and steals for you to snatch up if you know where to find them. Here are your Black Friday questions answered and some tips on how to score big this shopping season.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday, or the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the US, is the unofficial start to the Christmas shopping season. The name most likely comes from Philadelphia in the 1960s, where it described the surge of shoppers that would come out to get started on Christmas shopping the day after Thanksgiving. Nowadays, stores will put out their best deals of the year to encourage shopping on this day, sometimes opening as early as midnight that day. It’s as much a fun tradition as it is a great way to get things you’ve wanted all year, or to buy Christmas gifts early, for a much lower price.

Is Black Friday Canceled This Year?

Nope! The only difference will be that this year’s version will take place mostly online. Instead of joining the mob of caffeinated shoppers willing to throw elbows to get a TV half off, you’ll be able to scroll through deals from the comfort of your own home. Sure, you won’t get the same thrill of racing through the store, snatching up everything on your list before anyone else can get to it, but you’ll also get to miss the miles-long lines and hours of waiting in the frigid cold. Flannel pajamas are a-okay for your shopping spree this year, so grab a cup of coffee and snuggle back up in bed with your laptop. You’ll also be ready to navigate the Cyber Monday online deals and steals like a pro. Black Friday has never been comfier!

Are Black Friday Deals Worth It?

If you can get them online, absolutely! If the sale is only for in-store items, however, you’re better off staying home. Historically, Black Friday has been a holiday characterized by its crowds and tight spaces with other customers—definitely not somewhere you want to be during a global pandemic. If you want to shop in store, check out the company’s website to see if they are taking special measures to keep visitors safe and healthy. Some places regulate how many customers are in the store at a time so that social distance can be maintained at all times; these are the kinds of stores you might be all right visiting during Black Friday. As always, make sure you wear a face mask!

Lands’ End wants to ensure that we keep our employees and customers safe, so you will find amazing Black Friday Deals on our website year round – and better yet, if you sign up for our email newsletter, you will be the first to get our coupon codes for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals!

Are Black Friday Products Lower Quality Than Usual?

Not at all! Here at Lands’ End, you can expect the same high-quality shopping experience on Black Friday as you would any other day; the only difference is the deals! If you’ve been eyeing a new flannel shirt or fleece jacket lately, now’s the time to get it. Not only will you be ready to take on winter’s dropping temperatures, you’ll be doing it at a fraction of the price. Now is also a great time to load up on stocking stuffers that your friends and family will use all winter long. Tech-savvy teens and busy bees will love gloves that will let them use their smartphones without freezing their fingers off, and who doesn’t enjoy a cozy winter hat? Once you’re done with everyone else, treat yourself to something special with all the money you saved. Christmas shopping is hard work; you deserve it!

How Can I Prepare for Black Friday?

You can start getting ready for the big day by making a list of all of the things you hope to buy this year, then think of a few different places you can go to get them. Check out those stores’ websites to see if they have any of their Black Friday deals posted yet; this will help you decide where to get what. Some stores will send you coupons and special offers if you join their email lists, so, if you don’t mind a few more messages every month, this is a great way to score some extra savings. Don’t forget to check out local businesses as well! Black Friday is a great time to pick up unique gifts that friends won’t be able to find anywhere else. You’ll also be helping out your community, and what’s better than that?

Once you have your lists organized, coupon codes copied, and hot cocoa warming on the stove, all there is left to do is to wait. Celebrate Thanksgiving with the confidence that you will knock this year’s online shopping spree out of the park!

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