Winter Fun

Five ways to have winter fun with the kids.

Oh boy, you’re hunkered in all day with the kids and you have to be the host of fun, the master of excitement, the king of comedy, the unstoppable DJ…you continue to make winter fun last so that you get to enjoy all the goodness therein. Here are a few extra winter ideas that will help you get the most fun from the freeze.

Sledding day.

The local hill has tales of great leaps, monstrous jumps, tales of legend. “One time a sledder went so fast down the hill that literal flames lit up the snow behind her. That’s how we got spring in 1998.” Head on down to the park, and don’t forget to bundle up the kids in their warmest boys’ or girls winter parkas, hats and winter gloves. It’ll be a chilly one.

Go nuts with some donuts.

While you might read this and think back to all those snowy parking lots with loopy tire marks, it’s not exactly the best idea for the whole family. Doughnuts? That’s better. If you have all the fixings ready to go, you can slide into the kitchen in those wool socks and jeans without having to head out to the store. Teaching the kids to help make the recipe can be a lovely way to get them to help out around the house. Or they can clean the bowl by eating the batter. Kids always do.

Icicle toss (or snowball toss – whatever the weather).

This game is a bit like bocce ball. Mark a spot in the yard, find some icicles, back up 15 feet and whoever can get their icicle closest to the target wins the round. Play till one of you gets to 10 points. This is a great game to test out those new girls snow boots.

Get some face time with family.

Chances are, if you’re snowed in on a Saturday, you’ll be able to reach at least one relative via video chat. Just think what it must be like for your kids to be able to see their grandparents at any given moment. When you were young you had to plan a trip weeks in advance, make sure there wasn’t a nasty storm rolling in, and had to get dressed up. Just to see their face! You and the kids can have an inside joke and wear nice dressy shirts, but wear pajama pants the whole time. Your parents will never notice. Technology is amazing.

Fort night.

Have the kids snuggle into their Christmas matching pajamas, build a blanket fort in the living room. Pop some popcorn, grab the laptop and have everybody watch a movie together under the fort. If the kids are still awake at the end of the movie go around in a circle and tell wintry ghost stories. If that sounds like a bad nightmare idea, then a more dream-friendly story time would work just as well.

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