9 Things to Plan For

9 things to plan for that will get you up before the alarm does.

We all hear about those successful CEO/Entrepreneur/Influencer/Volunteer/Go-Getters who wake up at 5am to seize the day before the day has even begun. There’s something valuable in that methodology, but what are we supposed to do with that information? Most of us legitimately just don’t have the time or energy that these superhumans seem to have. That isn’t exactly a bad thing and you don’t have to beat yourself up about it. We get it, there’s nothing like staying tucked under your sateen sheets until the very last minute.

Yet we can do some small things to change our routines. Below we have a handful of motivators to get you out of bed into your slippers, and on your groggy way to get some tasks done before work (or better, before the kids get to running around). Find your strengths, what you enjoy, what activities are candy for you so that getting up in the morning isn’t just another chore.

Sign up for a class.

Signing up for an early bird workout can get you excited before your usual alarm wakes you. Grab those yoga pants and your mat, and get a mental and physical session in before the day begins. Water aerobics is another option and Lands’ End has plenty of swimsuits that will kickstart your waking heart.

Take an early morning bike ride just as the sun comes in.

This is another workout opportunity you can do as long as you have a bike. Don’t forget to change out of your pajamas and into something like a quarter zip fleece and a pair of active pants. Sometimes just putting on active clothes first thing in the morning is enough motivation to get out and exercise. Being active in the morning is a great way to get your heart rate up and your mind ready to face the day.

Schedule a hangout with a friend before work at the local coffee shop, make it a habit.

You aren’t the only one who wants to get the day moving so what better than to meet with an old friend to catch up before the day requires catching up. You can throw on a polo shirt, maybe a fleece vest if the temperature has been dipping down. It’s a nice change too since many of us want to do nothing but relax at home after a long day at work.

Do some morning writing.

When was the last time you took a seat at the dining table and wrote your thoughts down? The morning is the perfect time to do it, especially with few distractions. You can write about anything, even penning a love letter to that Squall jacket you’ve come to adore. Start by writing a review of your favorite jacket on the company website, and just like that, you’ve become an educator. Either way, you have plenty to say and a morning routine such as this can be a great exercise for you and your mind. Become the novelist you always knew you would be!

Take time to prepare a delicious breakfast.

Once we hit the last snooze button we tend to rush out the door with nothing more than the clothes on our backs (hey, your open cardigan, sleeveless turtleneck and slim leg jeans only looks like a tricky outfit to pull together), and maybe a coffee. But when was the last time you got to mosey around the kitchen and make an omelet for yourself? You deserve an egg-cellent start to your day.

Wake up with the newspaper.

Throughout the day much of our focus and attention gets interrupted by news outlets and push notifications. We can take a step back and get the morning to focus on these events, or if you’re not looking forward to reading the news, take a stab at the crossword or sudoku puzzle. Those can wake your brain up better than a coffee. Even better, this activity requires no outfit change. Just throw on a cozy robe and let your mind wake up.

Make it a point to avoid your electronics for an hour.

You might get so inspired by the early morning sounds you’ll feel like a flannel shirted Walt Whitman on top of a misty mountain. Or you’ll just be thankful you had some peace and quiet.


The art of organization doesn’t require much thought, which makes it perfect for an early morning routine. Tackle an over-stuffed closet, pantry, garage, attic, entertainment closet, or game chest, and enjoy the instant gratification of a job well done. Then when you’re back home at night you won’t have to battle exhaustion to keep the house in order. Even organizing all your sweaters according to the color spectrum is something, and very impressive.

Make a to do list.

You can also make yourself a list of things that you would like to accomplish during the week that you can abide by as you start to wake up earlier. That way you can check off things on the list, which is one of our favorite feelings, especially after a long put off task is completed.

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