5 Ways to Mix and Match Clothing to Keep Your Wardrobe Fresh

5 Ways to Mix and Match Clothing to Keep Your Wardrobe Fresh

Keeping your wardrobe looking fresh has never been easier, thanks to stylish, versatile staples that you can mix and match with ease. No matter where your style preferences lie or what your daily routine calls for you, you can use these ideas to create unique outfits that stay looking on-trend and comfortable.

Wondering why to mix and match clothing pieces from your closet? Finding creative new ways to switch up your outfits has many advantages. Not only will it keep your outfits from getting boring, but it can also make getting ready in the morning easier and more fun. It can also save you money in the long run because you’ll be incorporating new staples and trend pieces effortlessly without having to buy a completely new wardrobe each season. Change it up and get ready to look like you just stepped out of the pages of your favorite magazine!

Layer It Up to Keep Things Interesting

There’s no doubt about it; layers add a new level of interest to any outfit. If you’re looking for a simple, fun way to keep your outfits looking fresh, find ways to layer pieces in interesting ways. Pair cute jackets with tank tops, flannel tops, or women’s sweaters when it’s chilly. Create triple layers with colored tanks and button-up shirts or blouses, then top them with a cute open-front sweater. Pair your favorite shorts or skirts with leggings or tights for a fun casual look, or toss on a turtleneck under your favorite sleeveless dress or jumper. Create fun casual looks by layering different textures, like a smooth sweater with corduroy pants and denim jackets. Pair your favorite button-up cardigan with a timeless sheath or wrap dress for a dressier look, or add vests to your favorite tops for a layered look that’s perfect for work.

Create Colorful Contrasts for On-Trend Looks

Creating contrast using color is another simple trick to making the existing items in your closet do double duty. Simply look for ways to create eye-catching color combinations that will give your outfits that extra boost of style. For example, try pairing a darker jacket with a pastel-colored t-shirt or sweater, or pair brightly colored tunics with more toned-down neutral leggings or pants. Create a pop of color by wearing a gorgeous jewel-toned top under a monochromatic jacket and pants, or pair your favorite white blouse with colored denim jeans for a new look. If you’ve been shy about trying stripes or prints, now’s the time. Try a great print or sleek stripe with items like a basic pencil skirt or your beloved skinny jeans for a simple way to add color and interest.

Mix Casual and Dressy Pieces for Fresh Styles

Traditional style rules are much more relaxed for modern women’s clothing. You aren’t stuck with having perfectly matching outfits and expected outfit combinations. Keep it cool yet classy by pairing some unexpected pieces together. For example, a lightweight, lace-trimmed tip worn with a pair of wide-legged jeans or casual pants gets the style boost of a pretty top that works beautifully with the everyday style of more casual bottoms. Take your favorite jeans to a new level when you wear them with a cashmere sweater and heels or dress down that adorable sheath dress with a casual jacket and canvas flats. Your options are unlimited when you break a few style rules!

Wear Pieces From Your Closet in New Ways

Another way to max out your existing wardrobe is to try to visualize wearing pieces you own in new ways. Just because you have a tunic top doesn’t mean you always have to wear it as a tunic! Try taking some tops that you normally left untucked, pair them with high-waisted pants, and tuck them in to create an outfit that looks brand new. Tie flannel shirts or button-ups at the waist over favorite tees or tank tops to give them a more casual feel. Or, button up the cardigan that you always leave unbuttoned and pair it with a cute pencil skirt instead of jeans.

Make Your Accessories Count

Perhaps one of the easiest ideas on this list is to make your accessories a go-to for fresh looks. Using accessories to your advantage is always a win, and it can really maximize the style of existing pieces in your closet. Add print or solid-colored fashion scarves to your basic tops for flair, or make a statement with chunky necklaces or long earrings. A great vest really has the power to change an outfit, as well as stylish ankle boots or elegant flats. From belts and bags to hats and headbands, you can rely on your accessories to help you keep your outfits looking stylish.

Mix and Match to Create Outfits You’ll Love to Wear

When you look at the items in your closet with a fresh eye, you’ll discover a variety of ways to create new looks. Make the most of your outfits with these tips, and you’ll look as great as you feel!


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