Quilts & Coverlets

Bedspreads: Quilts and Coverlets

Bedspreads: Quilts and Coverlets

Transform any bed in your home with luxurious quilts and coverlets from the beautiful collection offered by Lands' End. Quilts, coverlets, and bedspreads are similar bed coverings with a few distinct differences. A quilt generally has two or three layers of fabric with batting in between and typically has a decorative design printed on the material. A coverlet is similar to a quilt but is much lighter and without the batting. Quilted coverlets add extra warmth and can be placed directly over bedsheets or a blanket. If you're looking for something to cover the entire bed from the pillows to the floor, a bedspread is an ideal covering option.

When the weather turns chilly, there's nothing quite as cozy as slipping into bed with thick flannel sheets on a memory foam mattress.Top the bed with a luxurious and decorative quilted blanket, and you'll want to stay snuggled under the covers all day long.

Give a guest bedroom a homey Americana feel by adding a patchwork quilt and sham with a traditional double-ring pattern on it. This pattern, used for decades, symbolizes household unity and love. Cotton batting makes the quilted covering extra warmth. Pair with a set of linen sheets to turn your bed into one that's inviting and super comfortable.

For year-round comfort, add a 100% organic cotton bed topper to your bed. The tightly woven cotton is highly breathable and creates a soft texture and weight, so you'll feel like you're sleeping under a warm blanket of air. Add a machine-washable cotton/polyester matelassé cover to your bed when you're looking for coverlets with a cushioned design. The word matelassé refers to the type of traditional-style hand-stitched bed coverings from Marseilles, France.

Shop Lands' End today to find the perfect bed covering to decorate any bedroom in the house. We have bed coverings for all mattress sizes in a large variety of prints, designs, and colors so you can have a different look for every bedroom in your house.