Women's Coats & Jackets

Coats, Jackets & Outerwear for Women

Coats, Jackets & Outerwear for Women

Escape the cold with Lands’ Ends women’s coat collection. We have you covered whether you are trying to survive a harsh winter in Wisconsin or a chilly night in California. From our warmest winter coats to our light jackets, we have coats for any temperature. You can even check out different styles of coats that come in short to long coat styles or from casual coats to dressy coats, your options are endless in finding the perfect ladies' coat for you, even petite womens coats. We offer this women’s outwear in the following materials:

• Fleece

• Wool

• Wool Blends

The type of insulations we use to compliment these fabric types are down and down alternatives. So, you can look amazing while being toasty warm.

This versatile collection of women's coats comes with a wide range of features such as waterproof coats, packable jackets, and windproof coats. Not to mention, our coats come in multiple different colors so that you can find a coat for any season. 

Cute Coats for Any Occasion 

In our extensive collection of women's coats, we offer a wide variety of styles so that you can find a coat and jacket to match any event that may come your way. There are coats for women that are perfect for a day at the office to coats that will make winter errands more bearable. Here are the styles we currently offer:

• Coats 

• Jackets 

• Vests 

• Rain Coats

• Maxi Coats 

• Parkas

• Quilted Options

• Barn Jacket 

• Shirt Jacket 

• Pullovers

Our coat collection is even perfect for those who love going on winter adventures. Pair our warm squall jackets with your hiking attire and you will fight the cold breeze as you hike through the trails. These women's trench coat for winter are warm, fuzzy coats are also perfect for the days you are chasing the children around outside as they are warm and durable for winter activities. 

If you must be outside on a rainy day, we even offer women’s raincoats and water-resistant coats for you to choose from. If you are looking for a dressier women’s raincoat check out our collection of water-resistant trench coats. These coats help you keep a professional appeal while staying warm and dry as you head out the door. 

Not only does this women’s coat collection offer support during the middle of winter and on rainy days, but it’s also perfect for nice fall days or places where the temperature is more bearable. If you want a nice lightweight women's fall coat, check out our women's fleece jackets. This collection makes chilly fall mornings walking the dog comfortable and cozy. 

Our women's coat collection has any and every type of coat that you would want. Need a basic jacket to reach to in the cooler weather? Head on over to our womens down jacket collection, where we have every color you could want! Including long down coats for women!

Find a Women’s Coat for You

Our women’s coat collection is made for every body type as we offer our coats and jackets in sizes such as plus size coats and petite coats so that everybody can find the perfect coat for them. Not to mention, we offer our coats in all different styles, temperature ratings, and with different features, so you can find the right ladies' coat for any temperature or occasion that may come your way. Shop our Lands’ End women's winter coat collection so that you can find comfort in the colder months knowing that you have the right coat for you!