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Staying warm in the coldest months: The earliest part of the year is the coldest part of the year. It’s those dreary months where the holidays are behind us and we are dreaming of warmer days ahead. But, we don’t have to let those cold months get us down, the right winter gear means you can play outside in the snow, shovel the driveway, or take the dog for a walk and stay warm and toasty. Shop our women’s winter coats, plus size winter coats, and men’s winter coats for great selection of warm coats for all types of weather. We have the best winter coats that are rated by temperature and weather type, so you can find exactly what you need!

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From vacation days to your day-to-days. We love a good getaway, don't we? Especially, in the middle of the coldest months of the year. However, all too often women's clothes you buy for your vacation don't work into your wardrobe once the vacation is over. Same happens for the kids' clothes, men's shirts and men's shorts we add to the suitcases. We'll show you how to avoid this trap. Follow these steps to turn your spring vacation clothes into your daily wardrobe upon your return home.

What to wear. Whether you’re looking for the best swimsuits or a comfortable sundress, women's clothing offers the widest range of options. Although, at this point you may feel as though you have tried on and put back the bulk of it in preparation for your upcoming trip. When your body walks that fine line between regular and plus size clothing, it can sometimes be tricky to know where to find the best fit. Start by taking your measurements. Then find the clothing that fit your size and style.

Beach-to-boardwalk lifestyle. There was a time when going to the beach meant a canvas tote each for two separate outfit changes and essentials. Thankfully, times have changed. For example, today's tankini bathing suits or swim dress double as cover-ups for easy beach to boardwalk or lunch to outside. No one will be able to tell that you're wearing your favorite tankini top and swim bottoms. Similarly, if you’re concerned about coverage, support, and sun protection – our collection of modest swimwear has options like shorts and rash guards that not only act as swimwear, but can also double as your t-shirt and shorts. They provide coverage, support, sun protection – and save you on packing!

Carry your swim goddess status back home. The plus size swimwear that had you feeling like a total goddess in while on your vacation doesn't have to hide back home. Even if you were rocking maximum exposure to work on your tan, you can swap out the bikini top for something like a tankini, if you want a bit more coverage. An underwire one-piece swimsuit with a dramatic back is a sure bet, too. In it, you'll feel confident enough to shed the swimsuit cover up during vacation and comfortable enough to attend neighborhood pool parties back home.

Pack a great pair of jeans (or two). There's something absolutely magical about a good pair of women's jeans. This season pack a pair of high rise skinny jeans. Also available in plus size jeans, high rise skinny jeans work harder than any other style to flatter our bodies (especially at the waistline). Plus, the new colorful jeans in shades beyond blue feel instantly fresh, adding a modern twist to any outfit. This pair of jeans will seamlessly transition from vacation to home and back again. Add a little day-to-night drama with a pair of women's black jeans. This year-round favorite color is a must. Pair it with one of our mid-weight sweaters for women while on vacation in case the nights get a bit chilly, or class it up with a gorgeous cashmere sweater for a glamourous look.

The dress that fits in anywhere. Aside from being your outfit-in-an-instant, women's knit dresses are so versatile. You can't go wrong with a fit and flare knit dress. Knee length or a maxi length knit dresses get first dibs in your suitcase, because you need a dress that fits just right and fits right in. Fit and flare dresses are beloved by all for the flattering silhouette their soft knit fabric creates. No other dress leaves you looking as effortlessly beautiful. Daywear, nightwear, vacation-wear or day-to-day, fit and flare dresses simply do not disappoint. Pack a lightweight cotton sweater in an easy neutral or pop of color and you're covered.

Pack plenty of knit pants, tunic shirts and a few key sweaters. What are vacations for if not relaxation? To unwind properly, take a day or two and skip the zippers. Women's elastic waist pants paired with a simple women's crew neck tee shirt and women's sweater invites relaxing sighs. If relaxation were ambitious enough to have its own uniform, it would certainly start with wide elastic waist knit pants and a Supima® cotton t-shirt.

Did we mention leggings and tunic tops? When you think casual vacation wear, think maximum comfort. The clothes you feel the best wearing, both in presentation and comfort, should make the cut. Don't over-think it. Stick with black leggings, tunic tops and cotton cardigans. You can wear them on the plane, at your destination and shuffle them right in your lineup upon your return home.

For the trip on the plane. If you’re looking for a comfortable outfit for the ride, that isn’t leggings and a tunic top, think about packing a pair of corduroy pants and a comfortable polo shirt. Don’t forget a great pair of shoes that are comfortable for walking through the airport.

Now let's talk trends. This season, It's all about height. From women's pants to women's swimsuits and everywhere in between, high waists and high necklines are winning us over again and again. High waisted bikinis flatter your figure by adding a bit of tummy control. High neck swimsuits (also available in high neck tankini tops) provide coverage, protection and a bit of modesty to your swim style. They also make your shoulders look amazing. Look for high-neck underwire tankini tops for a little extra support.

Clothes for him: success in simplicity. While you're refreshing your women's cotton polo shirts, make sure you add a few men's polo shirts in for him. They're just as soft as the men's t-shirts he adores, but just a little more versatile. Add in a few men's dress shirts with a touch of stretch but leave the ties at home. This is vacation, right? Add a few pairs of men's shorts, one pair of men's khaki pants and two swim trunks to his area of the suitcase and he's all set. Depending on the weather of where you’re leaving from, he may want a pair of mens corduroy pants and one of two mens sweaters to keep him warm on the way to and from your vacation destination.

Don’t Forget to Pack for the Kids! While kids are versatile and relatively easy to pack for, depending on their ages, make sure to bring extra changes of clothing in case they dirty theirs from playing too hard. We recommend focusing on shorts and leggings, t-shirts, one girls swimsuit or boys swim trunks, a cover up, and one nicer outfit. Also, plan to bring a sweater or zipper hoodie for them to wear on chilly nights or if the plane ride gets too cold. Now, you can all settle in and enjoy the journey!

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