Water Shoes for Women

Women's Water Shoes

Women's Water Shoes

Swim Shoes for Women

Lands' End swim shoes are made with durable material that moves water out of your shoes, so your feet aren’t left felling soggy. The bottom of our shoes are made with material that helps grip the bottom of water surfaces and are made to make water activities more enjoyable. Some of the water shoes even come with a removable foot bed to make easy-drying and easy-cleaning of your shoes so that they are ready for another action-packed day spent on the beach.

If you like water activities, you'll need some swim shoes for women, and Lands' End offers the best water shoes you can find to complement our diverse collection of women's swimwear.

Beach Shoes for Women

Beach combers and kayakers, lake swimmers and river tubers can all benefit from the protection and practicality of beach shoes and water hiking shoes. We offer women's swim shoes in a terrific array of styles to suit your activity level and taste, so that you can have the safety you need in a look you'll like. You can wear our water aerobic shoes in your class or take them to the cabin to stay active even while on vacation in the nearest lake.

If you're just looking for a pair of water sandals to wear to the pool or a water park, we have those too! Check out our collection of women’s slip on water shoes to get a pair of water shoes made for a day at the pool. They are comfortable and have a rubber outsole that will keep your feet protected while you’re playing in the water with your kids. We also offer water shoes that act as a pair of tennis shoes, that make perfect walking shoes for a day at the water park. Say goodbye to hot sidewalks and hello to comfort as you chase your kids from one water slide to another.

Swim shoes for women also make for durable shoes that can protect you on activities that you may encounter water. They are perfect for a rugged hike, or a walk along the beach in the morning. The women's beach shoes make for comfortable walks, that you don’t have to worry walking painfully over broken shells or running across hot sand. Our hiking shoes also make for a great durable pair of shoes that can save you from puddles and mud during an afternoon hike. Not to mention, they go great with a swim shirt to help protect you from the UV rays.

Lands' End offers water shoes for women that transition between the water and almost any general activity. These are more than swim shoes; our water shoes are designed with quick drying and durability in mind. You can plan and pack less because our water shoes and women's water sandals work equally well in the surf and on the boardwalk. Whatever type of swim shoes or water hiking shoes you are looking for, Lands' End will have something to suit among our array of water sandals. Our high-quality water shoes are backed by our famous Guaranteed. Period.® return policy. Come find your new favorite swim shoes at Lands' End today!