Men's Polo Shirts

Polo Shirts For Men

Polo Shirts For Men

This style of top features a collar at the neck and several buttons at the chest. You can find men's polos with designs or single-color options, making it easy to pair one with your favorite men's jeans or pants. 

Polos are often called men's golf shirts because they're commonly worn on the course. If you're shopping for golf apparel, you'll appreciate the golf polos at Lands' End that feature moisture-wicking material to keep you dry, even on hot days. Even if you're not planning to go golfing in your new top, you can find a men's collared shirt that helps you look professional and put-together for any occasion.

At Lands' End, you have access to the best polo shirts or men's polo rugby shirts that look great and help you feel confident. Pick out a polo shirt men's with an eye-catching design, such as a style featuring stripes, plaid, or even a floral pattern. If you prefer to blend in, try one of the neutral polo shirts for men in black, white, or another solid color.

Men's polo shirts with pockets are available at Lands' End in a variety of sizes to accommodate all body types. It's easy to put together an outfit with one of the men's polo button-up shirts, whether you want to go casual or look more professional. Polo shirts for men look great with men's shorts or casual bottoms. You can pair work polo shirts with nicer men’s chinos or dress pants to create an office-ready outfit.

Visit Lands' End to find the perfect polo shirt for any occasion. You can also find other men's apparel options to complement your new shirt, as well as footwear and accessories.