Mastectomy Swimsuits & Mastectomy Swimwear

What is a Mastectomy Swimsuit?

A mastectomy swimsuit, sometimes called post-surgery or post mastectomy swimwear, is a range of bathing suits and swimwear that has been designed specifically for people who have had a mastectomy in the past. This kind of surgery often makes it difficult to find swim tops that fit properly, but, thanks to mastectomy bathing suits, your beachside summers and pool dates can be just as fun as ever. The goal of Lands’ End mastectomy swimwear is to help you feel comfortable and confident in your skin even after such a life altering surgery.

Can I Swim with a Breast Prosthesis?

Thanks to Lands’ End post-mastectomy swimwear, you can absolutely swim with a breast prosthesis. You’ll find all sorts of stylish swim looks that feature soft cup bras with prosthesis pockets that will keep everything secure and comfortable no matter what aquatic activities. Our post mastectomy swimsuits feature both stunning colors and fun patterns and simple suits, such as plain black swimsuits. Many of these suits are crafted with high necklines that don't show too much skin and offer additional protection from the sun. You can also find a mastectomy swim dresses created with UPF 50 sun protection!

How do I Style a Mastectomy Swimsuit?

Whether you're going on vacation or you're going to the community pool with your kids, you can feel chic and stylish in your mastectomy one-piece swimwear. Pair your suit with a kaftan cover-up for a modest, yet fashionable poolside outfit that will also let you can play with your kids at the community pool without feeling restricted.

You can also easily pair your mastectomy tankini tops with swim skirts or swimsuit shorts. When shopping for separates, you can mix and match pieces to create a swimwear look that is all your own. Your post-mastectomy swimsuit can help you express your personal style, helping you feel comfortable when going to the beach with friends or going to the pool with family.

Where Can I Buy a Mastectomy Swimsuit?

If you have recently had a mastectomy, you can shop for modest, comfortable, and cute mastectomy swimsuits at Lands' End. We carry regular, plus size, and tall suits that are ideal for all body types and sizes. You can even shop by specific size to narrow your search and find that perfect fit right away. Discover the perfect swimsuit to complete your summer wardrobe by shopping at Lands' End today!