Kids’ Outerwear

Outerwear for Kids

Outerwear for Kids

Any of our kids’ outerwear easily pairs with other cold-weather accessories like kids’ gloves and a kids’ scarf. Kids of all ages need a few different jackets throughout the year, depending on the weather. For your younger kids, especially toddlers, it may feel like a herculean task to get them to put on a coat. Have no fear: our coats are all easy to slip into. Just have them zip up and go. They’re even easier to wash, so even better for you!

Our outerwear for kids is specially designed to keep your little ones warm no matter what kind of weather is headed their way. As soon as you see the forecast calls for cold weather, take out the outerwear so you can encourage your kids to bundle up. If they’re younger and need help putting on their coats, try to build in a few more minutes into your schedule before you head out the door. That will give you both ample time to dress up and make sure the coat fits them snuggly.

Your kids are asking for style. You want to make sure they’re comfortable. Good thing our children’s outerwear is the perfect combination of fashion and function. Not sure what size jacket will fit them best? Just look at our size chart or take the Which Size Fits quiz. That way, you’ll be able to determine what size your little one can wear through this season and beyond.

Outerwear for Kids

With our wide selection of juniors’ outerwear, they’ll never have to sacrifice style, and you’ll never have to worry about them getting cold. When choosing a coat for your kiddo, you’ll want coats like ours that have high-quality zippers. Say goodbye to frustration every time you have to head out the door and help them put on their pants and jacket. When in doubt, opt for a loose-fitting coat with a smooth lining like our kids’ fleece-lined rain jacket or snap-neck pullover.

Our youth outerwear goes great as an outer layer with our kids’ sweatshirts. Do you have toddlers at home? Putting on outerwear together is a great chance to encourage excitement about getting bundled up for chilly weather. Verbalize what you’re doing as you put on your own jacket, too.

While we can only wish to have natural fur coats like our polar bear friends, we’ll have to stick to wearing jackets. Your little cubs will love running around in our kids’ outerwear. Down jackets are an ideal option for those extra chilly winter days. Worried about rain, hail, or snow? Get a water-resistant down coat. Fleece jackets are a soft alternative to down jackets to provide a moderate amount of warmth. Whatever their style or the weather, we’re sure to have the perfect coats & jackets for them.