Cardigan Sweater

Cardigan Sweaters for Women

Cardigan Sweaters for Women

Cardigan Sweaters

Cardigan sweaters are an elegant, sophisticated, and comfortable addition to almost any outfit, no matter the season or the size you wear. Our wide variety of sizes include plus size cardigan sweaters, tall, and petite cardigans to ensure you can always find the fit that makes you feel the most comfortable. Need several sizes to go with different outfits? Not a problem.

Match one of our women’s cardigans with a pair of women's jeans this fall, or layer up on a cool summer night. We have fitted long cardigans and some that drape flatteringly so you can mix and match them with tees, dresses, blouses, and button-up shirts. No matter the outfit you choose, cardigan sweaters are the perfect layering piece to help you feel confident. Staying comfortable when you’re out and about can sometimes be half the battle, so it’s wonderful to have a go-to sweater you can take along whenever you decide to go out.

Aside from size, you can also find materials that work well with your lifestyle. Many of our long knit cardigans styles are made from cotton or a soft cotton-and-synthetic blend, so they are easy to wash, care for, and maintain. Many of our best women’s cardigan sweaters can be washed in the washing machine, making them a stress-free addition to your wardrobe. Wear a cashmere cardigan on a chilly day to stay cozy.

Cardigan sweaters for women

From a summer get-together to a work day at the office, cardigan sweaters for women are an excellent piece to layer, so you’re dressed for any situation. On your way to a summer meet-up with friends? Slip a fitted knitted cardigan over a dress for an easy way to stay warm if the party continues on into the evening. Alternatively, wear a comfortable long cardigan to brunch so you can keep cool when the sun comes out. Are temperatures dipping too low for a cardigan? Try one of our thicker fleece pullovers for cozy comfort all year long. Some of our cardigan sweaters wrap easily for extra warmth well into fall. If you are above average height you may want to check out our tall collection including women's long sweaters and long cardigan sweaters.

Working from home or headed back to the office? Cardigans are a good option when you need to elevate your other work-from-home outfits, whether those outfits are a tee and knit pants combination or a work-ready dress and ballet flats. Button-up cardigans give you a studious, put-together look, while open-front cardigans create a smooth, flattering look that can pull an outfit together.

No matter where your day (or evening) takes you, a comfy cardigan can help you feel and look your best.