Men's Sweaters

Sweaters for Men

Sweaters for Men

When the days and nights turn cool, you want to have a solid collection of Men's Sweaters on hand to keep the chill away. The collection offered at Lands' End features handsome styles that any guy would want in his closet. From extra-large to men's small, we have just the right sized sweater to fit you.

For a casual fall look, put on a men's knit sweater in colors such as brown or gold. Wear this top over corduroy pants and slip on a pair of men's loafers for a style that is perfect to wear when out with the gang watching a game or while taking the kids to the local autumn festival for pumpkin carving.

Men's lightweight sweaters are ideal to wear when strolling through the park with your dog on a cool morning or evening. Choose a crew neck style with ivory tones and wear with a pair of dark-washed men's jeans for a classic look.

When winter approaches, slip on a men's mock neck sweater that will keep your neck warm without the bulk of a full turtleneck. This sweater will look great with a men's jackets over it. Finish this rugged look with jeans and black boots.

Sweaters are a closet staple that every man needs to own. They can be worn for casual occasions as well as for more dressy ones. You can wear a slim-fitting sweater under a sports jacket for a classy and timeless look, or wear a loose-fitting one over sweat pants while lounging around the house on a lazy day.

With so many types of male sweaters to select from, why not choose a variety of colors and styles when you shop Lands' End? From sweaters that are comfortable to wear on a cool evening to ones that keep the cold wind at bay, we have you covered. Feel free to give our professional customer service representatives a call today to ask about sizes, colors, shipping, or gift boxing. We would love to speak with you!