Cable-Knit Sweaters Are Timeless

Why Cable Knit Sweaters Never Go Out of Style

There are certain items in our wardrobe that are timeless — our parents wore them, our grandparents wore them, and even our great-grandparents wore them. One of these timeless items is cable-knit sweaters, a piece that features a type of knitting that twists and braids the fibers on the sweater, creating a cozy and intricate look. Cable knit sweaters come in both styles for women and styles for men and are available in a range of shapes and designs, too. They’ve been around for generations because of their classic look, versatility, and the warmth they provide.

Within the Lands’ End collection of sweaters for women, we have many classic sweater styles, including cozy cable knit sweaters that are ideal for a cold day. Our cable-knit sweaters are available in mock neck styles, crew neck options, rollneck pullover options, cardigans, and more.

As far as colors and prints, our cable knit sweaters come in solid colors like blue, green, and red, in addition to patchwork printed patterns and striped options. There are also cable-knit sweater options in both plus and petite sizes. There are many reasons why cable knit sweaters never go out of style — here are a few reasons why:

They Are Functional

Fleeting fashion can be fun, but functional fashion is timeless, effortless, and practical. It’s why items like cable knit sweaters remain in style no matter the year or the decade. Cable knit sweaters are made with functionality in mind — they’re meant to keep you warm during the winter. This is because the fabric is often made of cotton and wool fibers and sleeves that are ribbed and tapered toward your wrist, ensuring cold breezes don’t make their way into the sweater.

Cable knit sweaters are said to have originated in Ireland, a country that is known for its blustery and rainy days. When first made, they were intended to keep you warm and dry, two things the sweaters still promise to do today. The functionality helps these sweaters remain timeless — why reach for something that won’t keep you warm on a cold day?

They Go With Everything

Skinny jeans? Yes. High-waisted pants? Yes. Pencil skirts? Yes. Cable knit sweaters go with almost any pants or skirt in your closet. They’re casual enough to wear with a pair of jeans, yet professional enough to wear with a plaid pencil skirt to the office. The versatility of cable-knit sweaters has helped keep the clothing item relevant — they can be worn to a dressy function with the right outfit pairings or can be thrown over a T-shirt and leggings while sitting outside on a particularly cold day.

The fact that they’re so warm allows them to fit in with any style — they’re an item that’s worn for fashion and functionality, which makes them acceptable throughout the winter months at any sort of gathering. Much like a pair of boots or a winter hat, there is no wrong time to wear this item.

They Come In All Different Styles and Shapes

Cable knit sweaters are not one-size-fits-all. You can opt for an oversized cable knit sweater to achieve a more casual look, or go for a fitted cable knit option when you need an outfit that looks polished and put together. The many styles and shapes allow these sweaters to be worn for all different occasions and by people with different fashion senses, which lends to their stylish vibe throughout the years.

Cable Knit Sweaters Can Be Easily Layered

Cable knit sweaters are intended to keep you warm, but if you need an extra layer of protection, the sweater style is also ideal for layering. You can wear a women’s tank top or women’s t-shirt underneath your cable knit sweater to keep you cozy. This addition of a bottom-layer top can also add a layer between you and the sweater’s knit fibers if you’re prone to feeling itchy when you put on a wooly sweater.

Additionally, cable knit sweaters look great with a fall or winter jacket layered over them, which creates even more warmth and, when worn with a plaid wool coat or a pop-of-color puffer jacket, an even more intentional look for the outfit.

Cable knit sweaters are a classic item in any winter closet. Because of their extreme warmth and intentional design, they are an item that many turn to winter after winter for anything from outdoor sports games to holiday gatherings to a day of skiing. When items are made with functionality in mind first, they’re sure to remain a constant for generations to come.


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