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Best Women’s Cotton Sweaters for Every Season

There’s nothing like a relaxed women’s sweater. While bulkier knits and fabrics like wool and cashmere are best for winter wear, cotton makes an excellent year-round alternative. Sure, you might not typically need to wear a sweater during summer, but you’ll be grateful that you have it as an option on the rare cool evening.

Cotton sweaters are also versatile enough to wear with anything from jeans to dresses, and they’re ideal for making the transition from spring to summer and summer to fall–in other words, on the days when you need a little extra warmth and comfort, but don’t need to wear a heavy jacket or coat. Here are the best cotton toppers to wear from season to season.

Open Cardigan

Open cardigans are the ultimate in grab-and-go attire. They’re cozy, comfortable, and versatile enough to wear in countless ways. The most flattering styles are slightly longer than hip length, allowing you greater opportunities to work them into your everyday wardrobe. During spring season, an open cardigan sweater is the perfect layering piece over a light tank top and a pair of your favorite skinny or straight-leg jeans. And when it warms up outside, you can even throw it on over a dress on an unexpectedly brisk morning or cool evening.

Naturally, it’s sure to become a regular part of your rotation in the fall. Cotton cardigans wear well over long-sleeve tops, and they look great whether you’re at the office or heading out to Sunday brunch with friends. By winter, you’ll have another reason to hang on to that open cardigan: You’ll need it as an extra layer underneath a thick coat. Cotton makes a favorable alternative to a thicker material during the cold season because it’s light and breathable, but it will still keep you warm when you are wearing something like wool or down as your main layer.

Light Turtleneck

Few garments are as wearable as women’s cotton turtlenecks. With a little bit of effort, you can make it an integral part of your wardrobe any time of the year. It’s an easy choice during the spring, largely because it’s versatile enough to wear with a number of different ensembles. Wear it with your favorite jeans, or tuck it into a pair of wide-leg pants and add a belt for a sleek and refined look. During summer, opt for a sleeveless turtleneck top or one with a mock neck so that you can wear it with anything from shorts to pants, or even under a blazer for a more formal workwear look.

As the fall and winter seasons are near, you’ll be more grateful than ever for your turtleneck! It’s a key transitional piece that can be worn in any setting. Take advantage of its full coverage and soft fabric; cotton will keep you dry and comfortable when it’s worn under something heavier, like a nubby sweater or a wool coat.

Easy Pullover

The pullover sweater is an easy choice that you can wear any time of the year and with just about everything from corduroy leggings to jeans. Its greatest advantage is that it’s available in a wide variety of styles. While a short-sleeve cotton pullover doesn't provide much warmth, it can be worn during milder months with other warm-weather attire, like a pretty A-line or denim skirt. Step into a pair of ballet flats, and you’re done!

As the year progresses, though, you’ll need to seek out more substantial cotton pullovers, such as those with three-quarter-length or long sleeves. Wear them just as you would any other top–you can even layer them over lighter tops if it’s cold outside. The pullover is just as easy to layer under as it is over, making it an especially versatile addition to your year-round wardrobe.

Chic Tunic

Tunic sweaters are naturally longer, which is why they partner well with a pair of leggings and some over-the-knee boots. It’s great to wear during early spring, when winter weather may still present itself occasionally. When the heat finally sets in by summertime, you may not feel the need to wear a tunic sweater–but you can bet you’ll have a good use for it by September!

As soon as fall arrives, you’ll need something with long sleeves to safeguard you from brisk chills and heavy winds. A tunic sweater looks cute with all kinds of cold-weather essentials, from leggings to jeans to soft flannel pants. By winter, you can trust it to be a cold-weather MVP–the type of wardrobe staple that you wear underneath thick coats and over lighter tops to ensure that you stay as warm as possible on even the most uncomfortable days.

Wardrobe trends come and go, but you can trust that your cotton sweaters will get you through season after season in style.


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