Are Suit Pants Considered the Same as Slacks?

Are Suit Pants Considered the Same as Slacks?

If you’re wondering whether slacks and suit pants are the same thing, the answer is yes. Slacks refer to a dressy, non-denim pant style, and that’s exactly what suit pants are, too. Although, while all suit pants are slacks, not all slacks are suit pants because you can wear them with other separates. Keep reading for more information about these dress pants, along with some fashion inspiration.

A Guide to Women’s Dress Pants

Women’s dress pants come in a variety of styles. One versatile wardrobe option is the plain-front dress pant. They have a crisp, tailored look that’s ideal for work and are woven from a high-performance blend of polyester and rayon. This fabric is machine-washable, which gives these work pants an advantage over traditional wool.

One option is washable wool, which, as its name suggests, can be laundered in your machine. Although these pants do contain a percentage of wool, they’re also formulated with polyester. In addition, some pairs have a touch of Lycra® for a gentle stretch. Women’s washable wool dress pants come in multiple styles to flatter every figure, including straight-leg and slim-fit.

When it comes to choosing a dress pant color, there are a variety of options. Black is always a classic choice, as is charcoal gray. There are khaki chino dress pants from which to choose, along with patterns such as houndstooth.

There are plenty of ways to wear dress pants, whether you’re headed to the office or going out for date night. For a classic workday look, pair your dress pants with a matching blazer. Women’s blazers come in many of the same colors as slacks do, so it’s easy to put together a well-matched look. Underneath the blazer, you can wear a white women’s dress shirt for an elegant look or warm things up with a cashmere turtleneck. Wear slacks with a T-shirt and slip-on flat shoes for a look that features casual and dressy elements. There are women’s V-neck T-shirts in colors to coordinate with any dress pant; for example, you could wear black-and-white patterned dress pants with a white or black tee.

A Guide to Men’s Dress Pants

There are plenty of men’s dress pants from which to choose also. If you’re looking for traditional dress pants with comfort features, consider a wool pair with a small percentage of spandex. This provides an almost-imperceptible amount of stretch for comfortable movement. Hidden elastic sidebands are another feature that can provide for all-day comfort. They adjust up to two inches to provide a custom fit so that guys won’t feel constricted after a big business lunch.

Twill dress pants are another option for men. Again, there are no-iron styles that can be laundered in your machine — they come out of the dryer wrinkle-free for up 50 washes. They’re made from two-ply cotton that’s combed and ringspun for strength and softness. For a classic fit, look for a straight-leg pair with a little room in the hip and thigh. Men’s corduroy dress pants are a stylish choice for fall and winter. You’ll find them with adjustable comfort waistbands like the wool-blend styles, and they’re available in just as many colors and sizes. A classic pleat-front corduroy pant is appropriate for the office and fits into the on-trend cottagecore aesthetic.

Dress pants can be worn with men’s dress shirts and suit jackets for a traditional look. Polos and dress pants are a semi-casual look that’s still office-appropriate — especially when you layer on a cardigan sweater. Speaking of sweaters, there are men’s cashmere sweaters and cotton-modal sweaters that go with any kind of dress pant.

What Kind of Outerwear Goes with Suit Pants and Slacks?

When it’s cold, you want a coat or jacket that keeps you warm but doesn’t look too casual for work. Enter the wool coat — it comes in sizes and styles for men and women and goes beautifully with dressy apparel. If you need more warmth than a wool coat can provide, opt for a long down coat or one made with a synthetic down material like PermaLoft®.

Completing Your Look with Accessories

Suit pants and slacks are a wardrobe staple for men and women. They can be used to create many looks, especially with the addition of accessories. Jewelry is one option, whether you prefer a pair of pearl earrings or trendy oversized hoops. Cuff links can dress up men’s outfits — then, of course, there are neck ties. Men’s ties come in many colors and designs, so he can find one to complement every suit in his closet.

The right bag is a must-have accessory for men and women. There are briefcases with padded laptop compartments for safely carrying your technology, or you could choose a laptop backpack for a more storage space and convenient carrying. Explore the office apparel and accessories to find the must-have outfits you need for work and after.


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