Is it Okay to Wear Pajamas All Day? And Other Non-Judgmental Answers to Your Questions About Pajamas

Is it Okay to Wear Pajamas All Day? And Other Non-Judgmental Answers to Your Questions About Pajamas

Are you guilty of wearing your pajamas all day every day? You’re not the only one. This past year more than ever people have embraced wearing pajamas all day whether it’s working from home or a day with the kids. But the question still remains: Is it really okay even if no one is around? The answer is a little more complex: it all depends on your personality, your habits, and your day-to-day list of to-dos. 

Generally, it’s not healthy to stay in the same pajamas all day because it tends to interfere with your sleep. Our bodies have a biological clock that adjusts throughout the day by following a familiar schedule of habits and routines. However, if you have been wearing your PJs throughout the day for quite some time, then your body may get used to it so it won’t disrupt your regular sleep schedule. Still, be sure to change pajamas before bed to stay on routine and for hygiene purposes. 

Another issue you may run into when wearing your pajamas all day is low productivity and levels of energy. Perhaps you put off going to run errands because you haven’t gotten ready for the day. Or perhaps you feel sluggish because you haven’t changed your clothes and signaled to your body that it’s time to wake up for the day. We’ve all experienced this and it takes a toll on our to-do list. Others that are in the habit of wearing their pajamas all day may have adjusted to going about their day as normal. Let’s take a look at some other common questions people have about staying in their comfy pajamas all day. 

Where does the expression, "The Cat's Pajamas" come from?

This expression was coined in 1922 as a way to admire how great a person or something is. In today’s world, it would be translated to describe something or someone as “so cool.” For example, “That new house my brother just bought is the cat’s pajamas.” So if the word pajamas was used to describe something that was awesome at one point, why do we feel judged when we go out in our pajamas? The reason is that around the time that term was introduced, pajamas were also just introduced in the United States. They quickly became the latest fashion trend, which is why it was seen as so cool. Fast forward an entire century and pajamas have become more appropriate at home than in public, until recently.

Is it okay to wear pajamas in public?

There is a new trend that’s been gaining popularity within the last year and that is sleepwear. More and more people are becoming comfortable wearing sleepwear items outside of the home. With a lot more fashion brands designing sleepwear and adding it to their stores, fashion bloggers, celebrities, and fashion icons have put their own twist on the forbidden rule of wearing pajamas outside of the house. Women's sleepwear, such as a matching silk set with a long-sleeve top and pants, has been paired with a pair of high heels. Other fashionistas have stepped out in a long-sleeve and pants ensemble, using the long-sleeve top as a layer over a crop top or camisole. For sleep separates that come with a matching pair of shorts instead of pants, bloggers have been seen wearing a pair of trendy sneakers instead of high heels. 

Men have also been seen wearing men’s pajamas with the pant and long-sleeve sleepwear ensemble and a pair of stylish sneakers. Some have been so good at pulling it off that it almost looks like an actual suit. Another trend for men that has been catching on quickly, especially for summer, is the men’s poplin pajama shorts. They resemble a regular pair of linen shorts that you can throw on with a t-shirt and a pair of sneakers during the hotter months of summer.  

Are pajamas a good gift?

Cute comfy pajamas are always a good gift. However, there’s a right and wrong way to pick the right sleepwear for the person receiving your gift. For instance, a fashionista will most likely not love a pair of plain flannel pajamas. Instead, they may prefer something more form-fitting, more trendy, and even a color that’s more “in.” The best way to help you decide on the best pair of pajamas as a gift is to pay attention to a person’s style. Do they love loud prints or are they more of a monochromatic, always in black type? Are they more in touch with their feminine side where the color blush would make them the happiest? When it comes to shopping for women, cuts also matter. Do they love wearing dresses where a nightgown may seem more appropriate for their taste? Are they more playful where a sleep romper would be better? Or are they more of a t-shirt and sweats type where you can gift them a shorts pajama set? 

Men are generally easy to shop for since they don’t really have as many options as women when it comes to cuts. However, you still want to pay attention to their favorite colors and what their comfort level is when it comes to style. 

Whether you’re shopping for pajamas for yourself or for others, pajamas are a necessity when it comes to sleeping, working, and now as part of your everyday outfit. Are you ready to step out in your sleepwear? 


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