What to Avoid When Buying Kids' Winter and Snow Boots

What to Avoid When Buying Kids' Winter and Snow Boots

The end of summer can only mean one thing when it comes to footwear–boot shopping. A good pair of boots not only makes a fashion statement but also protects feet from the elements. If you're shopping for kids' winter boots, keep in mind that it's a bit different than buying adult boots. Check out here what you'll want to avoid when on the hunt for kids' kinds.

Choosing Fashion Over Comfort

Kids often have strong preferences when it comes to clothes and shoes. Even young children enjoy picking out their own outfits and footwear. Unfortunately, they often choose items that aren't right for the weather or occasion. Parents may find that kids would rather wear shoes that look "cool" instead of ones that are comfortable. The good news is, Lands' End has kids' snow boots that are trendy, comfortable, and made to protect feet from winter weather.

If you want your child to be involved in choosing their winter snow boots, do a little pre-shopping. Review the options that are available, then narrow your selection based on which boots are most comfortable and functional. Present your child with two or three choices that you've already approved to avoid fashion power struggles.

It's easy to find plenty of winter-appropriate boots at Lands' End. They come in various colors, too, so parents can offer their child footwear options in their favorite hue.

Buying Boots that Don't Slip On

Avoid buying kids' boots that have too many buckles or straps. Even zippers can be problematic, especially when it comes to winter boots for toddlers and young children. Zippers tend to snag on snow pants and may cause rips and tears in the fabric. Also, zippered boots tend to fit snugly, which may be uncomfortable for young children.

Slip-on boots are a good choice for kids of all ages. They're easy to put on and take off, and they're often more comfortable than footwear with zippers or buckles. You can find boys' and girls' boots that pull on and off in a variety of styles ranging from country chic to urban cool. There are boots designed for wearing in the rain and snow, and those that are good for mild, fall days.

There is an exception when it comes to buying slip-on boots, and that's when it comes to shopping for tweens and teens. Older kids in this age range may find that they prefer zippered boots because it fits their preferred aesthetic, and they don't have any problem getting their shoes on and off at this stage. Just make sure the boots they choose are insulated to keep their feet warm and dry when the weather gets harsh.

Not Going Weatherproof

Just like when shopping for winter coats, you'll want to choose winter boots that are completely weatherproof. Lands' End has a wide variety of kids' waterproof winter boots that protect against rain, snow, and ice. Make sure the boots you choose have ample traction on the bottom to prevent slipping. Look for materials that provide warmth in cold temperatures and keep moisture at bay. Breathable materials are recommended to reduce foot perspiration while still providing plenty of warmth and protection.

As previously mentioned, you don't have to sacrifice fashion for function. The kids' boots at Lands' End are both stylish and weather-resistant, so kids and parents can find footwear they can agree on. The weatherproof kids' boots in the selection can be paired with all kinds of pants, including jeans, leggings and of course, snow pants.

Ordering the Wrong Size

It's important to order the correct size when buying girl's or boy's winter snow boots, as boots that are too small or too large can be uncomfortable and hard to walk in. Even if you've purchased shoes for your child recently, it's a good idea to measure their feet again to ensure they haven't grown. Also, check the brand size guide if one is available, as some brands run smaller or larger than others. It's better to have a snow boot that's a little too large instead of too small to avoid toe and foot discomfort. If your child's foot falls in between sizes, choose a half-size or go for the next size up if half sizes aren't available.

Another reason to choose boots that are slightly larger than your child's foot is to accommodate winter socks. Socks made for winter wear are often thick and bulky, so you'll want a little extra room in your child's boot.

Think About Hand-me-Downs

If you have more than one child, you will want to consider the quality and colors of the boots you’re buying. If you want the boots to last through multiple children’s usage, quality is key. Also, if your child doesn’t have a strong preference towards one color or another, consider buying gender-neutral colored boots (like black, navy, brown, etc). That way, if your son grows out of his snow boots, you can pass them along to little sister without much of an issue. 

Recycling boots between children is better for the environment and allows you to get your money’s worth out of kids' boots–even when they grow out of them so fast! It may not always be possible to do hand-me-downs if kids are rough on their boots, but you can certainly try! 

Find the Right Boots for Your Child

Shop the selection of kids' boots at Lands' End to find durable, weather-resistant footwear for children of all ages. There are fall and winter shoes for all ages and stages, including toddler boots, girls' boots and boys' boots. Lands' End also offers winter accessories including kids' gloves, hats, and scarves in an array of styles and colors.


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