Tips For Revamping Your Wardrobe

Tips For Revamping Your Wardrobe

The sense of accomplishment you get after revamping your wardrobe is a great confidence booster. There are so many benefits to regularly going through your closet, removing pieces you no longer wear, and introducing new articles of clothing to fit with your ever-evolving sense of fashion. If you are looking at your closet now and thinking it may be time to enhance your wardrobe, we will help you get started by offering a few tips.

Take the Marie Kondo Route

Spend a day ruthlessly vetting your wardrobe. We are talking about going into the deepest, darkest crevices of your closet and rummaging through your boxes of seasonal clothes in storage and getting serious about removing anything you no longer wear. Like most people, you may look at a dress you haven’t worn in two years and think, “Oh but I’ll wear this someday,” and that day never comes.

Make like Marie Kondo and look over everything from clothes and shoes to accessories. Then remove anything that either no longer brings you joy or is something you no longer wear even though you’ve convinced yourself you’ll wear it someday. Without getting rid of the old, you won’t be able to introduce the new.

Figure Out Your Style

You may have a general idea of what you like to wear on a daily basis or have a pretty strong established sense of personal style. Either way, whether you have your style all figured out or you feel like you could use some direction, it’s always worth doing a personal style audit.

Figure out if you like a more minimal wardrobe with fewer but higher-quality pieces, or if you lean more toward playful, fun, colorful clothing. Do you prefer piercing together monochromatic outfits in neutral colors? Could you wear skinny jeans every day of your life or are you a leggings gal all the way? Heels or no heels?

Ask yourself all these questions and refine what your personal style means. You could even write down your style preferences and objectives and create a mood board of all the outfits you like or study the styles of people you consider your fashion icons. Once you know what you like and want, you can begin finding those new clothing items with ease.

Invest in High Quality Pieces for Minimalist Essentials

If you can’t quite pin down what your personal style is but you still want to start revamping your wardrobe, begin with the base of a minimalist wardrobe. Make a list of all the essentials you need and begin investing in high-quality clothing purchases. For example, instead of having a wardrobe filled with 20 pairs of subpar jeans, most of which you never wear, invest in three to five pairs of good quality women's jeans that look great on you and make you feel both fabulous and stylish.

To start, find at least one go-to pair of blue jeans that is so comfortable you could sleep in them, a slightly dressier pair of jeans like straight leg jeans, and black denim. With at least three pairs of jeans you love, you can mix and match countless outfits.

Buy That Thing You Think You Can’t Afford

Have you ever looked at a cute jacket or a dress and instantly fell in love with it, and then you tried it on and it made you look just as amazing as you felt in it? But then you looked at the price tag and thought, “Oh I can’t afford this” before putting it back on the rack? We’ve all been there. We’ve all seen things we absolutely loved but never bought because we couldn’t justify the purchase.

While you are in the process of revamping your wardrobe and you come across a piece you especially love, go ahead and get it. Obviously, it would be terribly financially irresponsible to just buy every cute pair of shoes or jeans you see with no consideration for the cost factor, but if you can get away with doing it once in a blue moon, we say do it.

Having a more expensive piece in your wardrobe that's made with high-quality fabric and offers an impeccable fit will serve as a tremendous confidence booster. Sometimes, all you need to feel like a new woman is a brand new designer coat that you can wear over all sorts of cute and comfy outfits.

Invest in a Few New Dresses

If you feel like your dress collection is disorganized and there doesn’t seem to be a distinct purpose for each dress, go through what you own and break everything up into categories. Have a few cotton sundresses to wear during the day as well as at least one good evening dress that is appropriate for spring and summer nights. For the fall and winter, have a couple of women's cashmere cardigans you can wear over your lighter outfits as well as more professional dresses for the office. A nice wintery cocktail dress is always a good call, too.

With these wardrobe enhancement and organization tips in mind, you can start to build an efficient and stylish wardrobe.


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