The Cutest Ways to Style a Sweater Vest

The Cutest Ways to Style a Sweater Vest

Have you been inspired by the number of people you have seen successfully pull off a stylish look with a sweater vest? Have you been thinking it may be time to add one to your wardrobe? Once you have a sweater vest of your own, there are so many chic outfits you can create with it. In this post, we will take a look at just a few cute ways you can style a sweater vest to create super stylish outfits.

Make it Festive With Flannel

Something about the combination of a knitted sweater vest layered over a plaid flannel shirt makes it an instantly festive look. So when you want to create a cozy winter outfit, pull out your favorite plaid flannel button-up and style it with a sweater vest on top. Not only will you look comfy, but you will also feel comfy with this added layer. To finish the look, opt for straight-leg jeans and a pair of winter boots. This is the perfect outfit for a day of decorating the Christmas tree or going upstate for a winter getaway in a cozy cabin.

Wear it In The Summer

People generally tend to think of the sweater vest as a quintessential winter fashion piece, and while it certainly is just that, it can also be worn during every other season, including summer. One way to create a chic summer outfit with a sweater vest is to simply wear the sweater vest on its own as a top. The sleeveless look of the vest is what will make it look summery, but the sweater material is what will give it a distinct, stylish look. To complete your outfit, opt for wide-leg, light-wash denim jeans and accessorize with a colorful belt. Finish the look with a pair of wedge sandals and sunglasses and you will be ready for a relaxing vacation in a quaint coastal town or Sunday brunch with your friends.

Layer a Print Sweater Vest Over a Neutral Toned Blouse

A simple, yet eye-catching outfit can be pieced together effortlessly in minutes with this iconic duo: the sweater vest and the button-up blouse. A wispy, soft button-up blouse in a neutral tone like off-white will really amplify the intricate design of a print sweater vest. Something with bright colors or pastel colors is perfect for a spring outfit, and the neutral-toned base layer really amplifies the sweater vest's style. On the bottom, you can wear anything from wide-leg dress trousers to midi skirts to denim jeans.

Wear a Sweater Vest Over a Dress

Do you have a rather plain dress that you enjoy wearing but wish had a little more pizzazz to it? One way to completely transform your basic dress into an entirely new outfit is to layer a patterned sweater vest over it. It makes the dress become much more playful, eye-catching, and stylized. If you want to maintain a slightly more elegant vibe, opt for a solid-colored sweater vest in beige or white. This creates a very classic look, especially when the dress is also in a solid color.

Make it Monochromatic

Sweater vests are fabulous because they can be worn in so many different settings, whether that’s in the comfort of your own home, at the office, or at a party. One way to create a professional outfit with a sweater vest is to incorporate it into a monochromatic ensemble. Let’s take white and cream-colored tones, for example. Start with a pair of dress slacks or linen pants in a white or beige color. On top, opt for a white button-up blouse and finish the look by layering an off-white sweater vest over it. It’s a very simple three-piece ensemble but it creates an unbelievably striking, sophisticated look. Make the outfit pop even more by accessorizing it with a small, black tote purse.

Layer Over The Sweater Vest

The sweater vest is designed to be layered with many different articles of clothing, but you can also create stylish outfits by layering pieces over the sweater vest. The best example of this is jackets and coats. Create more texture and dimension by layering a long coat like a suede duster or women’s rain jacket or a shorter outerwear piece like a denim jacket over the sweater vest. Layering over a sweater vest really plays up the look of a chic fall or winter outfit. You could also wear a tailored blazer over a sweater vest to create a visually appealing, trendy professional outfit.

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