7 Reasons Why UPF Protection Swimwear is Important for the Summer

UPF protection swimwear is essential in the summer for the whole family. Find out more about just why this material can be so beneficial and take the stress out of your summer activities!

What is UPF Swimwear?

UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor. It is a specialized system designed to measure the effectiveness of sun-protective fabrics. This is unique and slightly different from the SPF system used to measure sunscreens, though, before the UPF system, sun-protective clothing was also rated according to the SPF system. While clothing with a UPF of 30 or more provides good protection against the sun's rays, for optimal protection, look for swimsuits with UPF 50 or higher.

The Many Benefits of UPF Swimwear in Summer

Summer offers so many opportunities to enjoy everything from casual pool parties to serious water sports and more. A major concern across the board, however, is to have the necessary protection against the sun’s harmful elements. Today people are more aware than ever of just how necessary it is to protect your skin with ease. Understanding the many benefits UPF swimsuits can provide can help you keep your family — and their skin — safe.

UPF Fabrics Offer Better Coverage Than Sunscreen Alone

Unless it’s a broad-spectrum sunscreen, standard sunscreens might not protect against all of the sun’s rays. They may only offer protection from UVB (Ultraviolet B) rays, while UPF fabrics protect against both UVB and UVA (Ultraviolet A) rays. UPF clothing also blocks out a remarkable amount of harmful rays — up to 98 percent! This means that sun-protective fabrics offer a much greater level of protection than sunscreen alone.

UPF Swimwear Makes Sun Protection Easy

One thing that everyone seems to need more of in any season is time. Even something that saves a few minutes can add up to big-time savings. When you invest in UPF swimwear, you have the simple protection of the fabrics at your fingertips, without unnecessary worry and extra time. All you have to do is get your swimwear on, and you’re instantly protected. Since you’ll be putting on your swimwear for many of summer’s activities, it’s a step you’d already be taking anyway — so no hassle.

Simplify and streamline your summer routine with the perfect UPF suits for the entire family. From long-sleeved rash guards to cute tankini swimsuits with shorts, say "hello" to stress-free UPF styles.

No Waiting Time for Sun Protection to Kick in With UPF Fabrics

One of the hassles of sunscreen lotions, sprays, or other sunblocks is that it can take time for them to become effective. And if excited children or impatient adults don't wait for sunblock to become effective, they can end up with burns or unseen skin damage. In contrast, UPF items make it easy, because you’re covered as soon as you put them on, without any waiting. Instead of you or your kids having to wait an extra 20 minutes to be fully protected, you can throw on UPF clothes and be ready to go.

UPF Swimsuits Eliminate the Mess and Fuss

Let’s face it, sunscreens and sunblocks of all kinds can be messy. And who likes to mess with the fuss of putting it, whether it’s lotion or spray? It can even be irritating to some individuals’ skin. By wearing UPF material, there’s less messy sunscreen application and fuss over adequate sun coverage.

There’s No Need to Reapply

Another thing that makes sunscreen challenging is that it needs to be reapplied. Depending on the activities you are engaged in during the summer months, this could be quite frequent. If sunscreen rubs off during activity or comes off because of sweat or water sports, reapplication might be needed much more often than even the standard periods. By wearing suits that have sun coverage, it's easier to stay protected.

UPF Suits Can Offer 10 Times (or More) the Protection of Regular Swimwear

Regular swimsuits don’t offer much in the way of sun protection. Standard swimwear, in fact, might only have a protection factor of about 5, so it’s not doing much. When you choose swimwear with a high UPF, you get significantly more coverage that gives your skin the max protection all summer long.

Swimwear With UPF Fabrics Are Just as Cute and Comfortable as Their Counterparts

If you’re worried you’re going to be stuck with an ill-fitting or less than stylish suit when you consider UPF fabrics, don’t be! There are so many remarkable design options and pieces to choose from, you’ll have a hard time narrowing down your options.

From sophisticated one-piece swimsuits for ladies to girls’ swimsuits and cute rash guard shirts for kids to UPF men’s swim trunks, you can find the pieces you and your family need. Colors and patterns are available in all your family’s favorites, from classic shades to bright hues and timeless stripes to trendy florals. That means you can’t go wrong, whether you’re looking for toddler rash guards or a girl’s swim dress.

Make the Choice for UPF Swimwear to Protect Yourself and Your Family

With all the benefits it has to offer, there’s no reason not to purchase UPF swimwear this summer! Make it easier on yourself, and get the peace of mind you need with the perfect UPF swimwear styles for everyone.


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