How to Mix and Match Florals and Stripes

How to Mix and Match Florals and Stripes

Spring is almost here, and it’s the perfect time to brighten up your wardrobe. One of the most stylish trends of the upcoming season is mixing and matching bold prints like florals and stripes. These patterns are not only flattering but also versatile while adding personality to any outfit.

Stripes and florals might seem like opposites, but that’s precisely what makes this fun combo so appealing! And believe it or not, it’s not as tricky to pull off as you might think. Just follow these tips to create the perfect mixed-and-matched outfit.

Add a Hint of Florals

If you want to keep things a little more muted, adding a hint of florals to complement stripes is a great idea. For example, a floral print hat would be a great way to mix and match with a striped maxi dress. You can also try a floral belt or some fashionable, large floral earrings that will fit perfectly with a button-down striped shirt. A large floral scarf casually thrown around your neck is another great way to make a striped dress pop.

Accent With Stripes

Throwing in a touch of stripes to accent a floral pattern is another way to make this combination work. Try pairing a striped belt with a floral blouse. It’s enough of a contrast to create an outfit that pops without making it too busy. Other accessories like a striped scarf or striped flats are also good options for accenting floral prints with stripes. Just remember to keep experimenting. The possibilities are endless!

Choose the Right Colors

When it comes to mixing and matching floral patterns and stripes, you have to be mindful of the colors. You don’t want a bright pink floral top with bright pink striped pants, which would be too loud. Instead, focus on having either the stripes or the florals have more color. A simple black-and-white striped top is great to pair with a colorful floral women’s pencil skirt. Although, it doesn’t always have to be bright colors combined with neutral tones. If the colors are complementary, you can combine a colorful stripe pattern with an attention-grabbing floral print.

Focus on Contrast

If you want to create a real statement outfit, then use florals and stripes as a source of contrast. Just like you don’t want to have the same color of stripes and floral print, you don’t want to have the same size print either.

Here are some ideas for creating the perfect contrast between these two patterns.

Large Stripes and Small Florals

One of the essential things to remember about combining stripes and florals is to find the right balance. A large stripe combined with a large floral print can easily make things look chaotic. A good way to avoid this and get the ideal mixed-and-matched look is to combine a larger stripe with a small floral print.

Small Stripes and Large Florals

Another way to balance out florals and stripes is to choose small stripes with a large floral print. A classic look with this combination is a striped shirt with a bold mid length skirt. You can also wear a lightweight floral blouse underneath a comfy striped sweater for a modern look you can take just about anywhere!

Make One Pattern the Focus

To achieve the right balance and contrast, you have to decide which pattern to focus on. A completely 50/50 outfit will end up looking busy, even if you’re mindful of the color and size. Using a lovely skirt as the focal point of your outfit is always a good idea, but patterned pants or a colorfully floral tunic works too.

Now that you know how to strike the perfect balance between florals and stripes, here are some outfit ideas to get you started!

Brighten Up Your Workout

Athleisure outfits for exercising, lounging, or running errands are the perfect opportunity to mix and match florals and stripes. You can have more fun with bold prints and bright colors, which we have plenty of in our leggings, tops, and ladies’ sweatshirts.

Create Eye-Catching Work Outfits

Combining florals and stripes is the perfect way to mix up your workwear, especially as the seasons change. Combining floral women’s capris with a finely striped blouse is a simple way to use these two patterns together while staying business casual.

Make Date Night Unforgettable

Trying to find the perfect outfit for your next date night? Women’s knee length skirts with a small floral print work perfectly with a large striped cashmere cardigan. You can play around with this look too by layering a simple, button-up shirt underneath your cardigan or sweater. Top it all off with a comfy yet stylish pair of flats for an unforgettable look.

Go bold and start mixing and matching florals and stripes today.


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