How To Wear a Puffer Vest for Men?

How To Wear a Puffer Vest for Men?

Don’t you just love a puffer vest? They are sleek, stylish, and one of the most versatile layers a guy can wear. Let’s look at some of the best options for wearing men’s puffer vests.

Handy for Hanging Out

Puffer vests are versatile and comfy, making them great for hanging out with friends and family. Add a puffer vest to a men’s Henley shirt and your favorite comfy jeans and sneakers, and you're ready for anything from watching the game to running errands to a casual lunch or dinner out.

If you only buy one puffer vest, make it a nice neutral like grey, charcoal, or black. You can add this to almost any casual outfit and have it look like a planned ensemble.

Optimal for Outdoors

Puffer vests are perfect for layering, making them great for everything from outdoor chores to an all-day hike. You can wear one over a men’s T-shirt if the weather is likely to start out cool and then heat up. Puffer vests are lightweight and roll up easily for carrying in a backpack, too.

For cooler weather, consider layering a puffer vest over a flannel shirt or long underwear top with jeans. You can even add a fleece jacket on top of this if you would like additional insulation. There's no limit to your layering options for outdoors with a men’s puffer vest.

Best for Business Casual

It’s amazing how easily a men’s winter vest will blend with business casual outfits. Business casual has become more casual in recent years, but it still needs to look neat. If your office is casual, consider a pair of dark wash jeans, dress shoes, a men’s belt and a button-down shirt along with your puffer vest. You’ll look like you're ready to get down to business and be comfy, too.

Men’s puffer vests also add a ruggedly handsome edge to any outfit. Always stay within both written and unwritten dress codes, but in most offices these days, if you're trying to dress like your boss, chances are he or she is wearing a puffer vest and looking great and staying comfy in it too.

Step Out in Smart Casual

If you enjoy exercising your sartorial sense (or would like to), consider a puffer vest for a smart casual look that will take you out for a night on the town. The sleek look of a puffer vest lends itself well to a smart casual silhouette. Consider a fitted sweatshirt, puffer vest, sport coat, men’s belt, and dress shoes for an ensemble that will turn heads. Another “Oh, I just threw this on and look handsome” choice is a pair of chinos, a blue chambray shirt, and a grey puffer vest with dress shoes and a men’s belt. Unless you're wearing a shirt that will cover your waist 100% of the time, always wear a belt to create a finished look to your outfit.

Smart casual is a fun choice because although it can include a dress shirt and tie, it often doesn’t. It’s about choosing separates that fit well and look good together while keeping a more fitted silhouette than a more casual outfit like your favorite hoodie and comfy jeans. Smart casual is a great choice for a first date when you want to look great yet go casual.

Terrific for Travel

There are some garments that just make travel easier. Men’s packable down vests are perfect for travel because they give you layering options that will keep you comfy regardless of the climate and the climate control. Add a puffer vest to protect you from aggressive air conditioning or sudden changes in the weather. In a pinch, you can even roll up your puffer vest and use it as a makeshift pillow for planes, trains, and automobiles.

Packable down vests can be tossed into a carry-on or backpack while taking up almost no packing space, too! Just don’t store your packable down vest while it's compressed. The down will lose its loft if you do this. When you don’t need to carry it for travel, hang it on a hanger in your closet to allow the down to fluff up a bit.

Wonderful in Winter

Although guys often buy puffer vests for fall, they are great for winter wear, too! You can layer a puffer vest over a long-sleeved shirt or sweatshirt for starters and then add a jacket or down coat for added warmth. Their versatility makes puffer vests a great option for winter activities like hiking, cross country skiing, and winter camping. They make great holiday gifts, too! They are an easy option and sure to please.

Now, go out there, look great, and stay comfy in that men’s puffer vest!


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