What to Wear to a Football Game When It's Cold

What to Wear to a Football Game When It's Cold

Is there any sport other than football that begins and ends with such weather extremes? Those first few September matches are only tolerable with short-sleeve shirts and handheld fans: by the time playoffs arrive you’ll be packing hand warmers and thermoses filled with hot cocoa.

Of course, there are other, clothing-based ways to keep warm as a gridiron spectator. Take heed of the following advice, and you’ll never consider ditching a frigid game in the fourth quarter ever again. Here's how to stay warm at a football game this winter.

Layer Up

The key to staying warm at a football game is a good foundation. In this case, that means silk long underwear that will also serve to wick away moisture. Consider wearing a pair of wool boot socks and a thick turtleneck to keep those exposed areas—feet and neck—extra warm.

You’re going to want to bring your warmest winter coat. Not a hooded sweatshirt worn under a shell, but the toastiest down jacket or parka in your closet. Don’t even think of heading out in something lighter just because it has your team’s logo or colors on it. Trust us, they’ll appreciate the team spirit a warm body brings more. Pair that with a pair of snow pants, which—snow or no snow—do an excellent job of insulating the lower body and keeping out wind chill. For an additional layer of warmth bring a cozy fleece throw that can cover the whole family.

Keep Your Toes Toasty

For your feet, wear a pair of slip-resistant boots. They’ll not only save you from any potential spills involving ice slicks, but also reduce your chances of slipping on spilled soda, nacho cheese, or any of the other concession-stand favorites that inevitably end up on bleachers.

So, that’s the kit you should be taking for the stands, but the game is only half the battle. What you choose to wear when you’re finally back in doors is just as important.

Get Comfy

You’ll want something that’s softer and less structured then the outerwear you’ve spent the last few hours in, but you want to make sure it’s just as warm. The fix? Flannel pajamas, flannel pajama pants and a cozy fleece robe. Likewise, give your feet a break from boots with a pair of fleece slippers (make it a pair of slip-resistant slippers if you’re hosting an after-party that may leave hot chocolate on tile floors).

That soft, warm comfort will have you vowing never to leave the living room again—or at least until the next game day comes around.


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