How To Wear Fleece - 5 Ways To Rock Your Fleece Wear

How to wear fleece - 5 ways to rock your fleece wear

The quarter-zip fleece may not be anyone’s idea of runway-ready fashion—and that’s precisely why we love it. This softer fleece jacket is functional, comfortable, and able to slide into nearly any outfit to offer that extra touch of warmth. Below are just a few of our favorite ways to wear this ultra-versatile piece.

1. With a classic tee and jeans

After months of warm weather, it can be hard to shake off that jeans-and-a-tee uniform you’ve gotten used to. Fortunately, the quarter-zip fleece offers an easy way to keep rocking it into fall. Best of all, a quarter-zip can even dress up a casual graphic t-shirt by giving your entire outfit a more streamlined appearance. Pair it with a warm hat and some sturdy boots, and you’ll be warm and look stylish.

2. Style it with a flannel and chinos

Or you could dive straight into fall with the classic combination of a cozy flannel shirt and your easy chinos. You can wear the shirt and chinos for a sunny day of leaf-peeping or apple picking and then toss on the cozy fleece once the temperature drops at night. The peek of a patterned flannel shirt below your fleece pullover can add some more visual flair to this simple outfit. 

To jazz up your outfit a bit more, add a headband and a simple pair of stud earrings. Grab your favorite pair of matching boots and a canvas tote to complete the perfect fall look.

3. Pair it with a dress shirt and dress pants

Not every outfit has to be so casual. You can add extra insulation to work looks by layering your favorite women's fleece wear over a dress shirt and a pair of dress trousers. The nature of the half-zip fleece can also keep the top of a tie visible, ensuring that things don’t get too dressed-down at your work setting.

The great thing about fleece and a dress shirt is they can both be paired with dress pants or jeans. So, you can wear either of those pant styles. If it’s a little cooler, add a warm hat and some gloves so you don’t have to throw on a bigger jacket.

4. With ski pants and a base layer

Consider it a major layering hack when prepping for a morning of shoveling or an afternoon on the ski slopes (we hope it’s the latter). Before topping off your base layer with a winter parka or down coat, pull a fleece quarter-zip over your thermals. The zipper closure will allow you to layer over it comfortably, and the thermals will keep the cold out and the warmth inside. Keeping your core warm is the best way to stay comfortable in the snow. Don’t forget a pair of ski socks and some sturdy gloves to keep you extra warm and dry.

5. Rock it with a skirt or dress

Fleece jackets are so versatile that you can even wear them over a dress! Fleece pullovers are usually very easy to care for and can be washed in your washing machine. They also pack up pretty easily and are great for throwing in your bag for easy layering. Fleece jackets come in every color and are one of the most versatile mid-layers out there. You can also buy fleece for anyone in your family. These jackets are made in every size from baby all the way up to adult sizes. There are even fleece dog sweaters!

If you don’t own a fleece yet, now’s the time to get one… or five. You can always use an extra fleece in the winter.


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