Pairing Fashionable Sneakers With Your Outfits

Pairing Fashionable Sneakers With Your Outfits

They say shoes make the outfit. While the old adage isn’t always true, it definitely applies in some instances. You can completely transform a pair of basic women’s jeans and the tried-and-true T-shirt you’ve worn for years by adding a pair of fashionable sneakers to the mix, for example. Suddenly, your outfit is more interesting, a little more updated and modern, a little fresher, and hipper.

In the contemporary world, athletic shoes aren’t just for athletic wear. You can easily sport them in nearly any environment, whether you’re out running errands, meeting friends for coffee, or dressing down an otherwise more polished outfit. The beauty of your kicks is that they can change the tone and style of your ensemble, too! Here are some tips to help you make the most of your fashion sneakers.

Take the Midi Approach

The midi skirt is among the most appealing and versatile pieces any woman can add to her wardrobe. It fits in nicely when you don’t quite want to wear a mini, yet prefer not to wear something that grazes your ankles either. Even better, this stylish piece happens to look great with a pair of tennis shoes. The trick is to style it appropriately.

First, consider the type of skirt. Something sleek and fitted that exudes a more corporate vibe can be tricky to pull off with kicks. Opt for a more relaxed silhouette — something with a little bit of flare is perfect —  to balance the sporty quality of the sneakers. Finish with a fitted T-shirt, either in plain white or in a color in the same family as your footwear. The casual nature of your shoes and top help balance the skirt’s more dressy feel.

Dress Up Your Jeans

Jeans on their own are inherently simple. Their greatest advantage is their versatility. You can wear them with anything from dressy tunic tops to simple tees. And, of course, you can rock them with sneakers any day of the week. To change things up a little bit, swap your usual footwear for something a little unexpected.

What’s out there? You may be surprised. Look for snake-pattern sneakers that add a touch of sophistication to an otherwise entirely sporty silhouette. Try a lacy shoe that puts a fresh and elegant spin on the traditional athletic shoe. Aim for a sparkle or two — sequins, anyone? — if you want your sneakers to be the star of the show. When you wear more dramatic sneakers, keep other pieces relatively simple. Blue jeans add the classic element, while something easy, like a chambray button-down shirt or a fitted white T-shirt, works well on top.

Try Some Wide Legs

The wide-legged pant is among the most comfortable and flattering options out there. Its appeal is in its forgiving silhouette. It flows gracefully outward, skimming your body beautifully and adding a touch of nonchalant elegance to your everyday routine. They’re ideal for any situation, be it dinner with someone special, coffee with a girlfriend, a day at the office, and everything in between. Paired with a cropped women’s blouse or a fitted cardigan, the effect is undeniably fashionable.

But if you want to create some balance or just aren’t into the whole wearing-heels-every-day thing, you’ve got an alternative in a pair of trusty sneakers. Fashion is the key here — the usual kicks you wear for your morning run don’t exactly work in this situation. Try something more forward, like an athletic shoe with an elevated platform, or something with a sleeker silhouette or a pop of color to draw attention to the footwear.

Throw on a Dress

When you’re all dressed up in a stylish jersey dress, you can easily dress down the look by stepping into a pair of kicks. A fashionable sneaker makes the perfect substitute for your usual strappy heels or pointy-toe flats, whether for date night, shopping with friends, or brunch with the family. They’re also a little more practical, so if you plan to walk quite a bit you’ll be grateful for the added support and stability.

Complete your outfit with something extra to give your dress a more understated overall look. Throw on a cropped denim jacket, for example, or layer a long vest over it. Add a patterned scarf if you’re wearing a solid-colored dress. Bringing it all together with the right pieces keeps your look fresh, fun, and effortless — thoughtfully arranged without a look that suggests you tried too hard.

Fashion is all about experimenting and having fun — and fashionable sneakers are some of the most fun and trendy shoes out there. Not only that, but they add considerable comfort to your outfits. Whether you don’t want to wear heels or you just want to dress down a little, a pair of trusty kicks with a little flair is sure to put a little pep in your step.

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