11 Summer Basics for Your 50s

11 Summer wardrobe basics for women in their 50s

Women in their 50s still got it! At the same time, your must-have wardrobe basics may have shifted with time. Grown-up women simply have different needs from kids—and more and more people seem like kids all the time, I know! We understand that you still look good and feel good, so we want to assist you in maximizing your clothing choices with summer wardrobe basics for women in their 50s that will help you look and feel your absolute best!

Wardrobe basics are the building blocks of your look. These are necessities that mix and match well, go with the stand-by favorites already in your closet, and should last for a long time. At the beginning of each season, evaluate what you have, what works, what you're done with, and what should be replaced or updated. Let's take a look at the summer wardrobe basics women in their 50s really need.

1. Fresh Tees

Even a well-made T-shirt takes on a mellowed look after a full year of washing and wearing. If you want tees to wear under blazers to the office or to make specific snappy-casual outfits, picking up new tees, especially in colors that need to look pristine such as black or white, will elevate your outfit.

2. Shorts

Yes, shorts. You may have been admonished that women over 50 oughtn't to wear shorts, but those were your mother's rules, not yours. Plenty of women in their 50s can still rock shorts! Stay away from the “Daisy Dukes” and choose structured shorts for maximum flattery. Bermuda shorts look terrific on almost everyone, or you could go for a more high-fashion dressy short. Remember to elevate your shorts with cute sandals and a button-up for a pulled-together look.

3. Capris

Capris are an excellent option for outdoor activities, no matter how casual or dressy! This is the perfect example of a garment that can be elegant or easy depending on the styling; whether you prefer Birkenstocks or kitten heels, you can merchandise capris to slide right into almost any ensemble.

4. Collared Shirts

Would you like an instant mini-facelift? Pop your collar. Or, more practically, stand up the back of your collar and fold down the front corners. This instantly creates a longer neckline and de-emphasizes a softening jawline or full chin. Collared shirts are available in so many cuts, colors, and patterns, you are sure to find something just right for your body and your style, so you can take advantage of this Hollywood-favorite styling trick.

5. Dress for Wedding Season

At this stage of your life, there will definitely come a summer when you have a wedding to attend almost every weekend from May through October! If not children of your own, there will still be the weddings of nieces and nephews, friends' children, god-children and contemporaries making a second trip down the aisle or renewing their vows. Add to the ambiance and your own fun by attending in a beautiful new dress that shows off your flair! Sequins are fine after six o'clock, so go for the gusto!

6. Swimwear

Evaluate your swimwear needs at the beginning of every summer, and do it scrupulously. Are you knocking it out of the park with your sun protection, or is it time to start wearing a rash guard? Do all of your swimsuits still offer the proper control and support or is it time to step up to a shaping swimsuit? Is your body changing in any way that you want to address within your swimwear wardrobe? Try to remember that all bodies change with time and that you are just as beautiful and stylish even if things shift a bit. That will help you assess your needs honestly. And treat yourself to a new cover-up while you're at it! A cover-up is a great place to lean into trends and have fun; they are less expensive than a good bathing suit and get replaced more often!

7. Sun Hat

You absolutely must have a couple of sun hats. We recommend one for gardening, one for casual outdoor events, and one for dressier outdoor events. Our culture is coming back around to refusing to bake in the sun, and our skin will thank us! Take a look at your sun hats and replace any that are tattered, faded or too out of shape.

8. Sandals

Sandals are a major part of almost every woman's summer shoe wardrobe, and they can be so charming when you're shopping! However, did you know that women lose the pad of fat on the soles of their feet as they age? It's unfair, I know; that's one of the places you actually want to keep fat, but that's not how our bodies work. What this means for you on a practical level is that you must select well-made, supportive sandals with a well-cushioned footbed. They can still be cute ankle-strap wedges or timeless espadrilles, but shop for quality materials and construction.

9. Slip-On Sneakers

The support structure of a shoe breaks down much faster than the exterior materials, so your everyday slip-on sneakers from last summer may look great, but be failing to support your feet. This wardrobe basic should be replaced each year for maximum comfort and body support. It's great to have a slim-cut slip-on shoe with the support and cushion of a sneaker because they are so easy to wear and versatile, so make sure you're doing your body a favor when you wear them for a long day at the zoo or antique market.

10. Sunglasses

Do you know why people are generally rated as more attractive when they are seen wearing sunglasses? It brings symmetry to the face. Do you know what else sunglasses do to enhance your good looks? They protect the delicate skin around your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun and prevent you from squinting all day. Sunglasses are fun and glamorous to wear, but they are also doing a job! This is a great place to let your summer wardrobe basics be a little over the top! Think big, like Jackie O.

11. Boat neck tops

Who doesn’t love a classic women’s boat neck shirt? Boat necks come in so many colors and different fits that you’re sure to find something you’ll love. The boat neck gives you something more dressed up than a basic tee, but it’s still simple and classic. They pair well with every kind of pants, as well. Pair your boatneck top with a cute pair of jeans, shorts, or even a skirt for a cute styled look. If you want to dress it up for the office, it can also be paired with slacks. 

These are the 11 summer wardrobe basics we believe women in their 50s will appreciate the most! They should blend in with your existing favorites and breathe new life into your old stand-bys. Best of all, if you shop with care, they may be with you for a long time to come and help you build a functional life-long wardrobe.



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