Wearing Pajamas to Bed: Why It Is Better

Wearing Pajamas to Bed: Why It Is Better

Did you know that what you sleep in impacts the quality of the sleep you get? Being dressed in the correct pair of pajamas when bedtime rolls around can literally make or break your chances of getting a restful night of sleep. Most of us burn the candle at both ends, yet wellness is important to us. So when we finally do get the chance to hit the hay, we'd like to make the most of each and every one of our 40 winks. If you are not sleeping well, it could be that you are not sleeping right. And by "right" I mean you may need new pajamas. Follow these steps to find the right pajamas to help you snuggle in and kiss your day goodnight.

Your Comfort Zone

There is almost nothing better than coming home, peeling off the clothes you've lived in all day, and sliding into a pair of pajama pants. Talk about the perfect way to relax the rest of your day away. While lounging may be what instantly comes to mind as their primary use, pajama pants are also perfect for capturing several hours of restful sleep. Thanks to their length and the fact that they generally have a wider leg opening, pajama pants keep you slightly cooler than full-length nightgowns. Especially when you pair your women's pajama pants with a sweet cami or cozy tank top. This is one time when being cooler truly is better for you. Maintaining good airflow and not overheating as you rest your pretty little head actually gives you a more restful sleep.

Nightgowns: The Pajamas That Stand the Test of Time

While nightgowns may not exactly be great loungewear, they are at the top of the list of pajamas that grant you a better night's sleep. Anything tight or clingy will suppress the production of melatonin while you sleep, meaning that even if you rest, you will not feel well-rested when it is time for you to start your day. Loose-fitting nightgowns solve the problem, giving you longer hours of deeper sleep. It is no surprise then that nightgowns have been women's #1 choice in pajamas for decades, centuries even...dating back to the beginning of pajamas. Give yourself a moment to imagine that. Generally, when something has that level of longevity with women, it's for good reason.

Nightshirts: Sometimes the Best Option is Also the Easiest

Another divine pajama design would have to be the nightshirt. Perhaps the most comfortable pajama top on the planet, nightshirts are also unbelievably easy to get on and off. For someone with a limited range of motion, that fact right there makes nightshirts invaluable. Plus, they are a perfect option for cooler nights, because they keep you warm enough to prevent the cold from waking you before your alarm has the chance to. Warm, but not too warm: that's the golden rule of sleep. Not only does your production of melatonin lull if you overheat while you sleep, so does your body's ability to produce growth hormone. Both are key defensive players in your body's battle against time since they help your body repair itself and aid in your body's natural anti-aging process ... guess now we know why they call it "beauty rest!"

Sleep Like You Deserve It (Because You Do)

Grab pajamas that are the right style for your needs. Tuck yourself in. Turn out the lights. Let the day fade away. Make getting eight hours a night of restful sleep in the right pajamas a priority of the utmost importance in your life. It truly is that important to your overall wellbeing. Sweet dreams.


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