Pajama Gifts for Women in Your Life

Pajama Gifts for Women in Your Life

Are you looking for the perfect gift for her, but have run fresh out of ideas? I'll let you in on a little secret. There is one thing women never feel like they have enough of and that's downtime. What's the universal symbol for "downtime?" Pajamas (of course)! Family, work, classes, events, social obligations, volunteering ... the list goes on and as women we just continue to add to it. So, it doesn't have to be the holidays. It doesn't have to be her birthday or an anniversary. Do you want to really blow her mind? Give her pajamas on Tuesday ... just because it is Tuesday, which means she made it through Monday. Let me throw a few pajama gift ideas your way to help you get started.

Hot By Day, Cool By Night

When temps are on the rise, getting enough sleep can become a sticky situation. When she can't get cooled down, she just don't sleep well. Gifting her a set of lightweight pajamas will keep her cool through the night so she can wake well-rested and ready to greet the morning sun. A short-sleeved nightgown, cropped pajama pants, and a matching sleep mask box up beautifully next to a new pair of shades. A great gift for the lady who is hot by day but loves to keep her cool all night long.

Mix and Match

Wouldn't she rather have two pajama tops and two pajama bottoms? That way she can decide which pairs with which on any given night. Great options are always a lightweight short-sleeved v-neck tee and a women's tank top that can pair equally well with pajama shorts or a pair of pajama pants. Pick a pattern to go on one pajama bottom, then match the other three pajama pieces to go along with the colors found in that pattern. After that, all you have left to do is box it all up and put a smile on that beautiful face of hers as you hand it to her and wish her a happy day.

Fancy Feet and Softer Pajamas

When she is all about her footwear, you know you'd better have an awesome pair of slippers waiting right at the top of the gift box...the first thing she sees when she pops the top off. Women's slipper styles are never-ending. Not sure what to buy? Well, nothing says "You Are Appreciated" like memory foam. Memory foam slippers paired with a nice set of Supima cotton pajamas ... right there, you've created a gift box that even beats a pedicure (and you know how much we love pedicures).

What If She's Getting Cold Feet?

When the temperature of her feet seem to drop a good ten degrees at bedtime, your lady needs a good pair of socks to go along with her "Just Because" new pajamas gift. It may sound strange until you think about it, but good sleep and warm feet go hand in hand. The science behind it has a lot to do with your circulatory system. Need proof? If you ever get the chance, ask a NICU nurse who will surely share with you the #1 Rule of Baby Care: warm feet = well-rested baby (at any age). It really is that simple.


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