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Why I Love Supima® Cotton T-Shirts and Pajamas

Pajamas. T-Shirts. Supima® Cotton. These are a few of our favorite things. And when they come together? That’s something we really get excited about.

What is Supima Cotton?

To explain our affection, let us dive right into what Supima cotton is. Supima is a type of cotton that is only grown in the United States and makes up less than 1% of the world’s total cotton harvest. In other words, it is the cream of the (cotton) crop. This fabric is sustainable and biodegradable. The makers of this special super-cotton are committed to the zero-waste sustainability of this fabric and transparency about their cotton crops. Another aspect of this special cotton fiber that really sets it apart is its extra-long staple fibers. Fiber length matters. Longer staple fibers can better retain color, resist pilling, and prevent breaking. In the age of fast-fashion and plastic-based fibers, Supima cotton stands out as a durable and sustainable option that is also super comfortable to wear.

Have We Mentioned That Supima Cotton is Also Super-Soft?

Supima cotton is as silky soft as it is tough and resilient to wear and tear. For those reasons and more we love the feeling of 100% Supima cotton pajamas. It makes a brand new nightgown feel like your softest, most broken-in tee. That feeling is enough to warrant getting one in every length, from knee to midcalf. And because the longer staple fibers of Supima cotton are less prone to breaks and tears, they will retain their shape beautifully after many wears and washes. These comfy pajamas are warm but breathable, so you can wear them any time of year. Get matching Supima cotton pajama sets for the whole family!

If you are searching for gift ideas, look no further than a cozy set of Supima cotton pajamas or a luxuriously soft Supima cotton tee. There isn't anyone on your list who won’t appreciate this buttery soft fabric becoming a staple of their wardrobe. Pair this item with some warm, fuzzy socks and you have the ultimate cozy gift set that anyone would appreciate.

How Do I Wear Supima Cotton?

There is nothing like the softness of a cotton T-shirt. It’s a classic for a reason. It looks great with a pair of jeans and is perfect as a layering piece under a cardigan or fleece. You can even layer your Supima cotton tee under your Supima cotton sweater. A Supima cotton T-shirt is the best option for a soft and cozy outfit that also looks smart.

For men's wear, you can wear your Supima cotton tee with slacks and a blazer for a cool business casual or date-ready look. Women’s wear options can include wearing your tee half-tucked into a cute flowy skirt or fully tucked into a pencil skirt with a cardigan for a look that can go from office to date night seamlessly. Of course, you can always just wear your Supima cotton tee with your favorite pair of sweats. From a lazy Saturday of lounging to layering with a blazer and hitting the town, you will find yourself wearing these soft and smart items everywhere. With 35% more length than regular cotton, Supima fibers also absorb dye more efficiently and more thoroughly than other cotton fibers. This results in vibrant colors that last long after many washes and wears, so don’t worry about wearing out your new favorite wardrobe addition.

And then there are the Supima cotton robes. A robe made from Supima cotton will not only feel plush and soft but will also be able to resist the pilling that forces so many other robes into early retirement. Think of a Supima cotton robe as a long-term investment, one that you can wear each morning while making that first cup of coffee or to keep your warm as you get ready for your day fresh out of the shower.

From loungewear to going-out wear, we are confident you will love any and all clothing articles made from Supima cotton. These pieces are sure to become staples in your wardrobe in no time. Twice as strong as your regular cotton items and more sustainable and biodegradable than most fabrics, this is clothing you can feel good about while looking good in it.


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