4 Lightweight Pajamas to Love This Spring

4 Lightweight Pajamas to Love This Spring

Is there anything cozier than a pair of pajamas? This spring, enjoy the pure comfort of your favorite PJs while keeping them light. Here are some great pajamas to love this spring.

First, the Fabrics

Before we delve into cute ensembles, let’s talk fabric. The best pajama fabric is soft and breathable. For spring, you have plenty of options!

Cotton is a natural choice for spring. Its breathability gives it a naturally cool feel. If you're a hot sleeper, cotton is for you. And for you flannel fans out there, yes, there's lightweight cotton flannel! It’s not just for winter—just make sure to try it on and gauge if the weight of the flannel will work well for your climate and your home this spring. Women’s petite cotton pajamas can be a perfect choice if you love natural fabrics and find “average” sizes a bit too long.

Linen is a luxurious choice for spring pajamas. It feels great next to your skin and is a natural fabric with excellent breathability. It does wrinkle, however. If you don’t mind looking a bit mussed in the morning, consider treating yourself to a pair of linen pajamas. They’ll help you get a great night’s sleep, and you won’t want to change out of them in the morning.

Silk is a truly amazing fabric. It can keep you cool in the winter and warm in the summer. For the ultimate in softness, consider silk pajamas. Whether you’re heading to bed, watching a movie at home, or curled up with your favorite book and a cup of tea or glass of wine, silk pajamas are a great option when it comes to women’s loungewear.

Synthetics, while not breathable like natural fabrics, can feel silky to the touch and can be a great choice for spring pajamas. They are much less likely to wrinkle than natural fabrics, which makes them nice for traveling—just roll them up and tuck them in your carry-on bag to ensure a restful sleep when you get to your destination.

Long Lounge Pants and Long-Sleeved Top

Especially if spring can be a bit chilly (we know about that here in Wisconsin), consider a pair of long lounge pants and a long-sleeved top for the perfect transitional spring pajamas. By choosing a lighter weight fabric than you would for winter, yet keeping the longer length, you’ll be set for both spring and any last bits of winter that comes your way. You can always swap out the long-sleeved top for a cotton sleep shirt (with the pants or without) for a cooler option.

If your home is on the cool side, long lounge pants will also feel welcome as you end your evenings and begin your mornings. Add your favorite fuzzy socks or slippers to keep cozy. Flannel robes are an ideal way to layer your loungewear for maximum comfort. Even if you have great climate control in your home, sometimes you just want a bit of extra warmth.

Cropped Pajama Pants and Pajama Top

Cropped pajama pants and a coordinating or matching pajama top just make you want to relax, get a good night’s rest, and then lounge into the next morning with coffee. The fit should be loose but not baggy for just the right level of comfort.

If you plan to travel (or host!) friends or family this spring, this can be a nice pajama option, too. It’s not only comfy for sleeping but will keep you covered enough that if you join the crew for an early breakfast or run into your brother-in-law at the coffee maker in the morning, you’ll still be “dressed."

Pajama Shorts and Cami

Did someone say pajama shorts? Just add a cami top, and you have the ultimate in comfy spring wear. After all, women’s sleepwear should be cute and cozy. The great part about coordinating separates is that you can mix and match them depending upon the weather and your mood. If it's a bit cooler, just swap the cami for an oversized T-shirt. Sometimes just having your shoulders covered is the extra bit of insulation you need to go from chilly to comfy.

Shortie Matching Pajama Set

Take those winter pajamas you love, make them shorter and lighter weight, and you have the perfect outfit for lounging and sleeping from spring into summer. Pajamas are wardrobe staples year-round because they help us to sleep better while feeling comfy. The classic pajama pants and top are designed to fit loosely to promote air circulation for temperature regulation and healthy skin. By sticking with natural fabrics and ensuring a proper fit, your pajamas will be a form of self-care that will promote restful sleep and make your spring days brighter.

Choose a pair of spring pajamas you’ll love today!


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