Declare Today National Pajama Day

Declare Today National Pajama Day

It seems that there's a holiday for everything these days, which we're definitely not mad about. Opening up the news or social media to see that it's National Taco Day or National Donut Day is never a bad thing (what could ever be bad about tacos or donuts?), and can in fact inspire us to make some pretty delicious snack or meal choices for the day. Well, in thinking that certain days can inspire us to do or eat certain things, we recently decided to turn to the Internet to ask the oh-so-important question: "is today pajama day?" and, frankly, the answers were a bit hard to pin down. That's why we've decided to declare today National Pajama Day. We hope you're as excited as we are about this.

So, now that we've decided that today is the day, what are you going to do to celebrate this important holiday? If possible, we think you should commit to doing absolutely nothing in your snazziest pajama day pajamas. The best pajamas for National Pajama Day will be comfy as they are cute and will keep you feeling lounge-ready all day. Read on for a list of PJs that'll make this pajama day the best one yet.

Fun in Flannel

Fasten your pajama strings and get ready to kick it into low gear with flannel pajamas. A flannel PJ set is the best option for enjoying a relaxing day during the colder months since flannel locks in heat and is a truly snuggle-worthy material. For cold winter nights to whenever National Pajama Day is, opt for a pajama set with a knit long sleeve t-shirt and flannel pants or a super classic all-over flannel set with a long sleeve top and matching bottoms. Flannel is ideal if you happen to run cold or if your house just never seems to warm up enough, plus it's super timeless, meaning you'll enjoy these PJs for years of pajama days to come.


National Pajama Day is, of course, family-friendly. So, why not get the whole family involved with matching family pajamas? Line up some fun activities for the family like a kid-friendly movie marathon, building a blanket fort, or baking cookies, and get ready for the day (and then spend the day!) in matching PJs. Choose a pattern that works for the season, like Christmas cats, Hannukah menorahs, or candy corn, or opt for a year-round classic print like plaid and let the fun ensue. With comfy and cute pajamas like these, you and your family might even be inspired to declare it National Pajama Day more than once a year.

Lovely in Loungewear

Okay, so it might be National Pajama Day, but while we're at it, let's declare it National Loungewear Day, too. If for nothing else, we can pivot from the PJs for just a moment to add lounge dresses to the mix. While these dresses technically fall under the category of loungewear (we suppose it really is more of a Venn diagram of comfort, anyway!), they are really a tried and true pajama favorite as well since they're just so easy to sleep in.

This is especially true if you're someone who prefers sleeping in oversized t-shirts or nightgowns to that PJ pants life. Opt for a lounge dress that's substantial enough to spend the day relaxing in but cozy enough to sleep in as well, like a soft, smooth, and breathable Supima cotton long sleeve sleep dress or a super cute and classic flannel nightshirt with pockets (yes, pockets!).

Comfy in Cropped PJ Pants

For those of us that run warm, nothing is comfier and better for enjoying a day off than a pair of cropped comfy pajama bottoms. For the warmer seasons or if you simply prefer the added breezy factor, opt for a super stylish yet oh-so-comfy pair of mid-rise wide-leg crop pajama pants in a breathable material like brushed-back jersey cotton. The wide-leg and cropped style of these bottoms make these PJs cute enough to wear if you have to run to the store for provisions (well, more popcorn, let's be real!) so opt for a cute print like ditsy floral or a flattering hue like soft purple to ensure you can maximize on the versatility of these pants. Pair these PJ bottoms with a simple cotton t-shirt and zip-up hoodie or a cotton blend crew neck sweater for the ultimate in style and comfort.

We hope that reading about these dreamy pajamas inspires you to declare it National Pajama Day and to take the day to relax—you deserve it, trust us! From lounging solo with a good book in a lounge dress to getting the whole family involved for a day of cozy fun, there's something to love about pajama day for everyone.

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