Best Travel Clothes That Feel Like Pajamas

Best Travel Clothes That Feel Like Pajamas

Whether you’re going on a short drive for a weekend getaway or flying across the country, you know how important it is to remain comfortable during your journey. The right clothes mean everything when you’re on the road and can make all the difference in starting your trip out on the right note. What better than clothing that feels just as soft and relaxing as your favorite pair of women’s pajamas? Keep these wardrobe suggestions in mind as you pack for your getaway.

Leggings That Fit Like a Dream

You know you’re doing something right when you find that perfect pair of leggings. They’re the ones you don’t have to struggle to pull up and feel as soft as a second skin — or those pajamas you practically live in when you’re lounging at home. Leggings happen to also be essential for travel, largely because they’re so easy to pair with everything else. When you’re on a plane, you can easily pair them with a long tunic, a cardigan sweater and a pair of knee-high boots to create something that’s warm enough to see you through the journey in complete comfort. If you’re in the car, you know you don’t want to sit there in jeans for hours. Think of what exactly makes pajamas so comfortable: they’re effortless, supple and easy to wear. That’s the beauty of a great pair of leggings!

Comfortable Tunics for Every Occasion

When in doubt, reach for a few tunics to stash inside your suitcase. There’s something so appealing about a top that you can wear consistently throughout your trip, whether you’re headed to a ski resort or jetting off to a distant land. Tunics are light and comfortable and they provide the type of nonstop comfort and versatility that you expect of a travel garment. Most importantly, there are styles available for every occasion. If you plan to dress up during your vacation, a velvet tunic is a luxurious option that feels as comfy as your favorite flannel pajamas. If you’re hoping for nothing but pure comfort that replicates your lounging-on-the-weekends experience at home, then you really can’t go wrong in a sinfully soft fleece turtleneck tunic. You can throw these easy tops on with anything from stretchy leggings to corduroy pants to jeans. How can you go wrong?

Sweaters to Keep You Perfectly Snug

It’s always smart to be prepared when you’re traveling, especially during fall and winter. Because weather conditions can be so unpredictable, you’ll feel secure if you pack a cozy women’s sweater to keep you warm. Again, versatility is key here; there are dozens of styles available, from long and lean cardigans to plush pullovers to cashmere crewnecks. Variety is even more important when you’re traveling and don’t want to fill your bag with dozens of different outfits. You can make this work in your favor by wearing your cardigan during the trip and slipping a pullover sweater into your luggage. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color here; wearing a bright sweater is a fun way to add a pop of brightness to your otherwise understated or neutral travel wardrobe. These garments also have a way of making you feel comfortable in unfamiliar places. If you’re the type who misses home after a day away, then you’ll appreciate the warmth and goodness that comes from cozying up in a soft sweater.

Flannel Shirts That Always Look Great

Humble flannel shirts have long been associated with the 1990s, though the shirt has undergone a serious transformation over the years. Today, it’s considered as much a wardrobe staple as a pair of tailored pants and a black blazer. Sheer comfort is by far its greatest asset; there’s something so relaxed and approachable about a great flannel shirt. It goes without saying that it rivals the pajamas you wear throughout the holiday season—only it may be just a touch more versatile than those. You can easily throw a flannel shirt over a long-sleeve top, pull on some well-worn jeans and slip into a pair of rugged boots for an instantly pulled-together look that’s perfect for your chilly vacation days. Or you can experiment by rocking it in unexpected ways—say, belted and untucked with a sleek skirt, or layered beneath a jacket for a little additional warmth. The bottom line is that you’ll love having at least one or two of them in your suitcase for your vacation outings.

Cozy Layering Vests to See You Through the Chill

There are few garments more dependable for a vacation than the phenomenal women’s fleece vest. What makes it so ingenious is its ability to layer like nothing else. When the forecast calls for cool days, why worry about toting weighty coats and outerwear when you can take along a packable vest instead? It won’t take up much room at all in your bag, but it also won’t sacrifice your comfort just for the sake of convenience. Moreover, it’s so soft that you’ll feel like you’re wearing your pajamas and cuddling up in your favorite comforter. It’s tough to resist that kind of appeal when you’re on the road and away from home.

Feel as relaxed and comfortable as you look on vacation with these travel clothes that feel just like pajamas.


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