Women's Fleece Pajamas

Fleece Pajamas for Women

Fleece Pajamas for Women

Shop Lands' End for our incredible selection of fleece pajamas for women. When shopping for a pair of fleece pajamas, you're sure to find something in this selection because of our wide range of sizes, colors, and styles. We have fleece sleepwear available in both regular and plus sizes, giving you the opportunity to find a set of PJs that fits you perfectly.

Fleece pajamas are women's way of creating the pampered feeling of visiting a spa without ever walking out the front door. When you slip into a pair of our fleece pajamas, it's like being embraced by a warm hug. That's largely thanks to the plush Sherpa fleece that we use to create our women's fleece sleepwear, which is made from 100% polyester. It doesn't matter if you're snuggling up with your morning coffee or settling in after a long day, a comfy set of PJs is essential for maximum relaxation.

Whether you're looking for fleece pajama bottoms, a plush PJ set, or bathrobes for women, you're bound to find something in our extensive collection. Our decadent fleece robes feature a shawl collar to create your own little cocoon of luxury. In addition to being able to choose the style, size, and color that fits you and your personality, you can create a custom piece by incorporating embroidery or a monogram on most of our fleece sleepwear for women. 

Whatever you choose, you can be sure you're getting a set of sleepwear that is so comfortable, you'll never want to change out of it. In fact, you may just love your PJs so much that you decide to get a set of matching family pajamas for the whole family. 

At Lands' End, you can explore an extensive collection of cute, comfy pajamas that will fit you and your needs. Our women's fleece pajamas come in an abundance of options, allowing you to find something that's absolutely perfect as a gift or for yourself.