Women's Petite Nightgowns

Nightgowns for Petite Women

Nightgowns for Petite Women

Women’s Petite Nightgowns

No matter the time of year, comfortable sleepwear is a must. You want to stay cool and fresh on balmy summer nights and warm and toasty when temperatures drop. Our nightgowns are made with those needs in mind, ensuring that you feel your best year-round. Using fabrics such as our deliciously soft Supima® cotton, plush flannel, and cozy fleece, our premium women's petite nightgowns are built to last without sacrificing even a hint of your comfort.

It’s the little details that make our petite nightgowns such standouts. From shorter styles to longer lengths, there’s an option for everyone. Hot sleeper? Then you need a breezy gown or sleepshirt to help you keep your cool. Prefer to be all snuggled up? A longer length with full sleeves will help you stay just warm enough.

Variety alone isn’t all that sets these comfortable petite nightgowns apart. They’re designed specifically to fit and flatter your shorter frame. Forget about styles that are so long they practically overwhelm you with fabric. We offer these in a variety of lengths, so you always have an option for anytime wear—and whether you go for short or long, you can trust that it’s sized just right for your petite stature.

Nightgowns for Petite Women

We’ve made sure these nightgowns for petite women are just as stylish as anything you might wear during the day. Great style doesn’t end when the sun goes down! You’ll find everything from flannel nightgowns and cotton sleep shirts to flowing maxi style gowns.

We’ve also got patterns for days. Choose from timeless stripes, fun florals, vibrant swirls, classic plaids, and so much more. Prefer a more understated look? Add a few solid nightgowns to your wardrobe instead. Choose from light neutrals, rich jewel tones, and everything in between. They’re all so appealing that you may just want to make them a part of your everyday lineup of petite pajama sets. Our petite pajama collection includes our petite women's flannel pajamas and petite women's pajama pants perfect for the fall and winter time.

And why not? The best nightgowns for petite women are more than just attractive. They feel as great as they look! Wear them to bed, wear them while you’re relaxing on the couch enjoying some much-deserved you time, or wear them while the kids open up presents on Christmas morning. Whether for the holiday season, warm summer evenings, or those in-between spring and fall days, there’s a nightgown that’s just right for the season—and for ensuring you feel and sleep your best all night long.