A Guide to Cardigan Lengths

A Guide to Cardigan Lengths

Cardigans are a staple in most closets. Women’s cardigan sweaters are chic, comfortable, convenient, and versatile options that can be worn and styled in a myriad of ways. One of our favorite features about the cardigan sweater is that its different lengths make it a fun and fashionable piece with a wide variety of outfits and for many occasions.

From cropped to shin-length, cardigans come in so many lengths that it can be challenging to determine which length is best for you. With our handy guide to cardigan lengths, you can explore all the amazing ways to wear cardigans of any length, and how to integrate them into your personal style.

Cardigan sweaters are also wonderful pieces that still show off your outfit while also keeping you snug and warm. A convenient and cozy way to transition easily from summer into fall, a cardigan sweater can go over just about anything, including your favorite summer looks, to keep you feeling warm and fashionable.

Cropped Cardigans

Cropped cardigans are a cute, fun, and stylish way to throw on a light sweater. The hemline usually falls between the hip bones and the lower ribs, making it a perfect choice for those who like to accentuate their curves and bring attention to their waists. This style of cardigan length styles well with high-rise jeans or high-waisted skirts.

Cropped cardigans are also great to throw over a cocktail dress to stay warm without looking too bulky, and won’t take the attention away from your dress. Cropped cardigans are fantastic for those whole love adding a retro twist to their style. The shorter look is a much-appreciated throwback to some of our favorite decades of fashion. Wear with bellbottoms for a modern take on a classic retro look. Cropped tops of all styles are in, so enjoy this playful trend!

Long Cardigans

Long cardigans are the classic comfy, casual-chic look. The hemline often falls around the upper to mid-thigh, and the cut of these cardigans can range anywhere from silhouette to oversized. Perfect for going out or hanging out around the house, long-length cardigans are about as versatile as a cardigan can come. The length offers some added insulation for the upper thighs and hips to keep you extra toasty in cooler temperatures.

We love styling a long cardigan open with a blouse, sleek slacks, and fabulous fall booties for a chic look. Wear a loose-fitting cardigan around the house or for your stay-at-home date night with a simple strappy women's tank top and your favorite women’s lounge pants. Either way, you’re going to look and feel stylish and comfortable.

Extra-Long Cardigans

Extra-long cardigans are the ultimate chic and elegant cardigan. The hemline usually falls between the lower thigh and mid-shin, making it a cozy cross between your favorite sweater and beloved bathrobe. Extra long cardigans are also incredibly trendy and the perfect choice for almost any fall or winter outfit.

Style an extra-long cardigan or long cashmere cardigan with some black leggings, a tunic top underneath, and your go-to fall booties or knee-high leather boots. Cinch the waist with a bold belt to accentuate your curves.

Extra-long cardigans are also a great choice for wearing around the house or while working from home. Wear over your comfortable work-from-home loungewear to enjoy the bathrobe length while still looking appropriate for work video calls. The length of the long cardigan offers more elegance and warmth all at once, making it a must-have in any woman’s closet.

Mid-Length Cardigans

The classic cardigan look, mid-length cardigans are appropriate for almost any occasion. The hemline falls around the hip, and the fit can vary from loose and flowing to tighter and fitted. For fall and winter chic looks, you might choose women’s cashmere cardigans. The rich material of cashmere will also help dress up any outfit, making even the most casual ensemble look more sophisticated.

Style a mid-length cardigan with just about anything, from your favorite jeans and T-shirt to your go-to office look. These cardigans are the perfect length and size to throw into your bag and take out whenever you need an extra layer for warmth. A classic black cardigan sweater is a staple that belongs in anyone’s closet, and is one of the most versatile and stylish clothing items to own.

No closet is complete without a collection of cardigans that go well with a wide variety of looks for an array of occasions. Get ready for fall and winter with the many different cardigan lengths that will keep you feeling comfortable and fashionable all winter long.


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